The ultimate guide for office desk cleaning

cleaning your desk dailyDesk daily office cleaning checklist

Whether you’re a routine desk eater or not, your office desk can get pretty grubby! The day-to-day working routine can end up making your workspace less productive and more of a potential hazard.

Nobody enjoys working on a dirty desk, so it’s important to make office desk cleaning an essential part of your daily office cleaning routines.


Why is it important to clean your desk?daily office cleaning checklist

  • Breeding ground for germs

Many people will spend hours at their desks, so making sure it’s clean and disinfected should be an important aspect of office cleaning!

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  • Organised desks are more productive

It’s much easier to work in a clean and organised environment. Your team will get much more work done on a tidy desk than on a messy one.

Daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning checklist
  • Never lose important documentsdesk cleaning guides

If desk cleaning isn’t a priority for you, then the things on your desk can quickly build up. This makes it more likely that your important documents will get lost in the mess too!

Why office cleaning is important
  • More pleasant environment

Nobody wants to work at a desk full of lunchtime crumbs or dirty fingerprints. Even if they are from us! A routine that includes daily office desk cleaning will generate a much nicer working environment.

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  • Improve team morale

Just like above, a better place to work will definitely affect team morale! Happier employees mean they’re more likely to work harder and stay with your company for longer.

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15 Daily office cleaning checklists ideas (desk edition)

Ultimate office desk cleaning guide1. Declutter paperwork and file it away in appropriate places.

2. Clean away any dishes, cups, or cutlery. Make sure to wash them up ready for tomorrow.

3. If you use a phone handset, make sure to wipe it down using disinfectant to get rid of germs.

4. If you use a headset, then this needs to be cleaned routinely. You can get special desk hoovers which can be used to remove debris from the ears. Don’t forget to disinfect the mic.

5. Dust and wipe down any personal items that you keep on your desk. For example, framed photos or placemats.

6. Wash out any pen or folder holders to make sure there’s no build-up.

7. Clear out your drawers for anything that’s not needed.

8. Never forget to clean your keyboard. This is a known crumb catcher that needs to be cleaned by gently shaking it upside down above a bin. Consider wiping it over with a disinfected wipe to get rid of lingering germs.

9. You use your mouse daily. So, you need to make sure you give your mouse a good clean. Just remember to disconnect it before starting cleaning.

10. Using specially created screen wipes, target those mucky fingerprints that have been on there for months.

11. Take everything off the desk and brush clean or use a mini hoover to suck up debris.

Why desk cleaning is important12. While it’s still empty, use a disinfectant on the desk surface.

13. Hoover or sweep any debris from the floor around your desk.

14. Restock any stationary or items that are needed daily in the office.

15. Hoover your desk chair and give it a good clean. (Ok so this one might be more of a monthly cleaning checklist idea!)

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Professional Office Cleaning ServiceDo I really need to do all this desk cleaning daily?

Not necessarily no! Our daily cleaning checklist is an example of things you could include in your cleaning routine.

Make your cleaning checklist fit your needs and how you use your desk. Prolific desk eaters will need to do a lot more wiping and disinfecting than those that prefer to use the break room.

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