Can a clean work environment benefit employee mental health?

Why a cleaning contract for businesses enhances employee mental health

Improve staff morale with a cleaning contractA cleaner workplace has many benefits aside from the obvious one it looks and smells better. It naturally will cut down on office bugs being passed around. And even takes care of trip hazards so there is less risk of employee accidents.

But are there employee mental health benefits too? The simple answer is yes! There’s a reason why the saying ‘tidy room, tidy mind’ exists.


Improving productivity in a factoryWhy should businesses care about staff mental well-being?

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to be profitable. Many employers will naturally think of physical health but often overlook employee mental health.

However, doing this can have a dramatic impact on your staff as individuals, their workloads, their motivation and even their standard of work. As well as wanting your staff to be happy, their mental well-being affects how well the business runs.

So, we’ve covered the ways a commercial cleaning contract can enhance the mental health of your staff.

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11 benefits of using a commercial cleaning contract on employee mental health

1. Showing you care to make their working environment better

If you’re taking the time to improve their working environments, it shows that you care about them.

Showing staff that you’re trying to improve their workplace not only improves employee mental health but also boosts their loyalty to the business.

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2. Cleaner working environments reduce stress

Having lots of clutter, mess or dirtiness in your workplace can have a dramatic impact on the stress levels of your employees.

Stress in the workplace is one of the biggest things that can affect employee mental health. It’s also a leading reason for staff absences or long-term sick leave.

3. Reducing office bugs with a clean workplace

Being under the weather is miserable. It can really affect a wide range of things in your employees’ lives.

If bugs frequently travel around the workplace, it can quickly wear down the mental well-being of your staff.

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4. Improved organisationCommercial cleaning improves organisation

You’ll see this benefit quickly affects both the employee and business positively. Having a clean and tidy space naturally results in better levels of organisation.

5. Boosting their morale as they work

Think about the type of workplace you’d like to work in. Chances are it would be a clean working environment. Having tidy workplaces means you’re more likely to have your mood boosted.

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6. The reputation of an office space often translates into a lasting impression

Whether it’s the first impression of a new starter or the attitude of an existing employee. A cluttered and messy office space quickly gives a poor impression of the business.

This relates to employee mental health because most employees spend much of their awake time at work. Spending long periods of time in an office space that leaves a negative impression will quickly affect their well-being.

7. Reduce staff turnover

Another benefit that boosts employee mental health and improves the business is reducing staff turnover.

There’s nothing worse than working for a business that is routinely understaffed. With new people constantly starting, they won’t be fully trained and so your long-term staff will most likely take the brunt of the work.

Having a nice clean environment to work in means that you’re less likely to have a big staff turnover rate.

8. Taking care of cleaning so that they can do the jobs they love

Let’s be honest, very few employees will have applied for their job role because of their love of cleaning. For some, it might be a labour of love, but for the majority, it’s a burden and a pain point of their day.

Having a dedicated commercial cleaning contract means that employees can focus on their job roles. Not only does this affect staff mental health because they’re doing the jobs they applied for. But it also benefits the business as a whole by having qualified staff focusing on tasks that make the business money.

9. Improved levels of concentration and productivityImproving staff productivity with cleaning contracts

A clean workplace causes much fewer distractions. They can focus on their task at hand without worrying about a dirty work environment.

Not only does this improve employee mental health, but it also is better for the business. And any tactic that can increase workforce productivity is hugely beneficial to your business.

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10. Boosting employee mental health by improving their spirits

Simply put, it’s much nicer to come into a clean office or factory than a dirty one. Having a nicer working environment will naturally boost their moods.

11. Employees feel safer while they’re working

If they can move around the workplace without worrying about trip hazards or the latest bug, they are able to concentrate on their jobs.

It also means that as a business you’ll be dealing with fewer accidents at work and much fewer staff absences. Although you’ll never beat the odd bug doing its round, a commercial cleaning contract can definitely improve the number or spread of them!

Boost employee mental health through commercial cleaning

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