How to keep a dog-friendly workplace clean

Tips to ensure your dog-friendly workplace is cleanKeeping pet-friendly offices clean

Having a pet-friendly office is great for your workers. It helps boost morale and encourages growth in colleague relationships.

There’s nothing quite like bonding with someone over your pets! And think of all those furry cuddles to keep stress in the office lower.

But they can also be incredibly messy and that’s before even mentioning the dreaded wet dog smell.

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Dog-friendly workplace cleaning tips

We’ve put together a handy guide to help keep your dog-friendly workplace clean and smelling fresh.

1. Establish a dog-friendly office policy

Before you even start thinking about dog-friendly workplace cleaning schedules, you need to get the ground rules sorted first.

Having employees who want to bring their dog to work sign an agreement helps make it a better working environment all round.

How to keep a dog-friendly office cleanSuggested dog-friendly office ground rules:
  • All dogs should be house trained
  • All dogs need to be up to date on vaccinations
  • They should be happy and calm around people
  • Excessive barkers should be discouraged because they may interrupt important meetings
  • They need to be calm dogs who won’t be easily overwhelmed if the office gets busy.

2. Make sure your workplace is dog-friendly

If the dogs have plenty of access to the amenities, they need then you’ll be dealing with much less doggy destruction.

Suggested amenities are spaces to sleep and relax like dog beds and blankets. Plenty of access to food and water if needed and also the ability to easily go to the toilet.

3. Consider having a dog-only zone

It’s much easier to keep your dog-friendly workplace clean if they only usually frequent 1 or 2 rooms.

This means you can concentrate the cleaning in those designated pet-friendly areas.

Commercial Cleaning Company4. Have a regular pet cleaning schedule and stick to it!

Doing the small cleaning tasks regularly will make cleaning your pet-friendly office a much easier job.

It’s important to make sure that the tasks are fair as employees may not appreciate cleaning up after dogs if they don’t have one.

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5. Have a doggy accident kit

Even the best-behaved dogs will occasionally have an accident. Having an office accident cleaning kit handy will mean messes can be cleared quickly.

Suggested items for your office dog accident cleaning kit:
  • Rubber gloves
  • Doggy bags
  • Cleaning sprays
  • Dedicated mess sponges

The alternative is you can have a professional cleaning service like Service Master Swansea clean it. We use an enzyme-based cleaning product to help destroy nasty bacteria.

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6. Keep dog accessories clean

Things like dog beds and blankets can easily harbour that dog smell. Keeping them clean and washing them at high temperatures can help them smell fresher and minimise bacteria.

Any toys should also be cleaned regularly using cleaning products that are safe for your dog.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning7. Make the hoover your best friend

One of the biggest problems you’ll deal with in keeping a dog-friendly workplace clean is pet hair. You’ll need a vacuum which is designed specifically for pet hair as this can be a tricky thing to remove.

Regularly vacuuming your workplace can help keep your dog-friendly workplace clean and looking its best.

8. Keep windows open in the Summer

Making sure that there is plenty of ventilation will help keep your pet-friendly office smelling fresh.

Just make sure that the open windows aren’t dangerous for your doggy companions.

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9. Invest in plenty of air freshener

In the cooler months, you won’t be able to keep the windows open as much. So, investing in some Febreze for fabric seats and sofas and air fresheners for general areas can help stop the dog smell lingering.

10. Replace worn or broken dog accessories

This will improve the pet-friendly workplace for your dogs and also help the place look its best.

Nothing brings down the overall aesthetic of a workplace like broken or worn-down furniture. The same can be said for your dogs too!

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