Commercial floor cleaning – why it’s important!

Commercial floor cleaning – why it’s important!

It’s critical to keep the workplace floor clean

Commercial Floor Cleaning CompanyIt not only ensures that visitors have a positive impression of your business or organisation but also helps combat potential safety issues.

It’s not just your customers or members that will see the benefit of a clean floor, but also your staff!

A commercially cleaned workplace floor will offer a healthier and more positive environment. After all, nobody wants to work in a dirty environment!

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Do different floor types require different commercial cleaning?

Even businesses in the same industry will often have floors that require different professional cleaning.

Floor factors that affect cleaning processes:

  • Industries

There may be extra steps needed depending on your business or organisation’s industry. For example, commercial cleaning in the healthcare setting often need additional sanitisation or decontamination procedures.

The difference between clean and sanitised
  • Level of traffic

A floor that gets high levels of traffic may need additional services to help keep the floor looking its best!

  • Flooring materialFloor Cleaning Materials

The procedures for cleaning tiled showroom floors and cleaning a sports hall often are very different.

They might need different equipment, cleaning solutions and even different services.

For example, we offer stripping and resealing options for sports hall commercial cleaning contracts.

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  • Use of the floor

Who your customers or members are and how they use the floor might impact the type of commercial floor cleaning we recommend.

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Commercial Cleaning CompanyQuick workplace floor cleaning tips

1. Think about using a flooring mat in entrance ways to stop people from carrying dirt into your workplace.

2. Make sure it’s part of your regular deep cleaning procedures.

3. It might sound obvious, but always keep your cleaning equipment clean. Cleaning and drying a mop in between cleanings help minimise the spread of germs.

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Service Master Swansea – Your local commercial cleaner

As part of a regular commercial cleaning contract, we can offer a complete floor maintenance package.

From ensuring your office floors are kept in pristine condition, to professional floor cleaning of leisure and sports centre floors.

We offer a complete specialised cleaning solution; we can tailor a package that suits your needs best.

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Professional floor cleaning equipmentProfessional Floor Cleaning Supplies

We have a range of commercial floor cleaning equipment to suit your bespoke needs. From professional scrubber dryers to rota wash machines and buffers.

We use top of the line cleaning industrial equipment and fully trained staff to make sure you get a quality award-winning cleaning service.

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