Are Your staff CRB checked?

Every member of staff can be CRB checked if required, we have the facility to carry out these checks as and when required.

Are your staff fully trained?

Yes, all our members off staff have to conduct an initial training folder with ServiceMaster and also are trained on the individual site where they will be allocated, such as floor plans, health and safety and security of the premises. They are then also monitored by a supervisor where extra training will be provided if necessary. All members of staff are also fully trained in each and every product that they will be required to use whilst on your premises.

Are your staff uniformed?

Yes all staff have to be uniformed, and is strictly monitored. This enhances security for the clients site and also portrays our professional image.

How do you monitor the clean/service?

All staff are monitored regularly by our mobile supervisors and also our contracts manager, who will visit the clients premises on regular occasions to make sure that the clean is of the highest standard.

How long would I be tied into a contract for?

You wouldn’t be! We have so much belief and are so confident in the service that we provide that we only place a 30 day termination period on the contract. Therefore you would not be tied into a contract if your unhappy, which we are extremely confident wont happen.