COVID-19 Policy


ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea & South West Wales has continued to operate throughout the corona virus pandemic and have been tirelessly adapting to the ever changing environment and guidelines that need to be adhered too. Not only have we successfully  implemented safe working conditions for our staff members but we have also helped our clients which include doctor surgeries and manufacturing plants obtain the products, PPE , extra cleaning and guidance required to keep their staff safe whilst at work and to allow them to remain open.

We have been able to offer our services not only to the 20+ medical centers and doctor surgeries that we currently clean but also been able to assist in the cleaning of COVID testing hubs and also the creation of a temporary field hospital. Professional cleaning services will undoubtedly now be more of a priority than ever before and we are ready as an organisation to adapt to the changes and demands which this coronavirus pandemic will bring.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of our 240+ cleaning operatives who have continued to work throughout this pandemic and have helped keep businesses and NHS sites open throughout these troubling times. Without key workers such as yourselves the virus would have been much worse and many more lives would have been undoubtedly lost.

Please find below our corona virus policy. This policy will be updated as and when required.

1. AIM:
Our aim is to utilise ongoing current government and NHS policies and advice to:
• Protect our people – our employees, any sub-contractors and our client’s staff and
• Keep the business operational for the benefit of our people both our staff and our

2. HOW:
To review procedures and practices on a daily basis in light of new information and keep
staff updated and informed. Client requirements to be reviewed and responses tailored to
support the client, our business and our staff to ensure needs are met safely.


3.1 All staff to be kept up to date with Government and NHS guidelines on keeping safe:
Letters to be sent to all staff with key messages and links to websites:
• 2 metres apart – most of our cleaning is completed when clients have left the
premises – reducing risk; staff to report any issues with keeping 2 metre apart
• Hand washing
• Protective gloves
• Avoid touching face
• Disposable tissues
• What to do if you or someone in your household shows symptoms
• Link:;

3.2 Staff who are furloughed, provide regular updates on status of their client sites and
potential for returning to work/re-opening. Establish staff personal circumstances to return to
work (i.e., childcare issues or self -isolation).

3.4 Staff who are sick or self isolating: Keep in touch, establish nature of illness and dates to
ensure no returning of work prior to government recommendations.

3.5 Staff who are classed as vulnerable or high risk.
• Identify any staff who are in this category. Ensure they can work safely given
measures in place. If not, then they must not attend work.

4.1 Establish with the client their working arrangements, discuss and advise on the cleaning
provision required to support cleaning of the workplace to mitigate risk and maximise safety;
4.2 Adapt risk assessment to client circumstances and discuss with cleaning team;
4.3 Use high touch point check-list; SaniMaster 6; colour coding; gloves;
4.4 Follow government guidelines for cleaning provision.
Specifically agree:
Pre-opening needs – where clients have been shut:-
4.5 Cleaning provision prior to re-opening – ensuring all areas are sanitised with
SaniMaster 6;
4.6 Does client need stock of hand sanitiser etc.
4.7 Process for hand-washing sanitising on entry to site (client staff and cleaning staff).
Keeping the workplace clean
Review task schedule with client to determine any adaptions needed in context of
Coronavirus Covid-19
4.8 Ensure client site has adequate products, SaniMaster 6 for virus control;
4.9 Determine needs for frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces throughout the day, (door
handles, keyboards)
4.10 Determine disposal arrangements;
4.11 Ensure thorough cleaning of all horizontal areas and high touch points
4.12 Handwashing signs, posters etc., on client site?
4.13 Does the client need sanitiser etc..
4.14 Showers and changing rooms will require enhanced cleaning throughout the day.
Suspected outbreaks of Covid 19
4.15 clients must inform SM of any outbreaks on their site.
4.16 Government guidelines for cleaning in non-healthcare settings to be followed.
4.17 the infection risk decreases over time. Studies suggest the risk is likely to be reduced
significantly after 72 hours;
4.18 Operations Manager or supervisors will supervise cleaning where an outbreak has
occurred to ensure safety of our staff and that the cleaning is carried out effectively.
• Cleaning the area with SaniMaster 6, which meets emerging pathogen standards

and has been successful in killing previous Coronavirus strains;
• Wearing of disposable gloves, aprons and face masks for cleaning. These should be
double-bagged, then stored securely for 72 hours then thrown away in the regular
rubbish after cleaning is finished;
• Disposal cloths, mop heads to be used
• Using a disposable cloth, first clean hard surfaces with warm soapy water. Then
disinfect these surfaces with SaniMaster 6. Pay particular attention to frequently
touched areas and surfaces, stairwells and door handles, door plates etc
• Wash hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, and after removing
gloves, aprons and other protection used while cleaning
4.19 SM staff will wash their hands when entering the client premises as the first thing they
do; and wash hands on leaving sites. Alternatively use hand sanitiser.
4.20 All cloths to be washed at 90 degrees
4.21 No staff to share food
4.22 Do not share office equipment (phones, desks, IT equipment) – office based staff.