Why it’s important to clean your office thoroughly

A clean and comfortable workplace is essential for any successful business. 

Not only does having a clean office convey professionalism to prospective new staff members and customers, but it also creates a better working environment for current employees.

Professional Office Cleaning ServiceCommercial Cleaning Services in South-West Wales

Commercial office cleaning can be contracted to external parties such as Service Master Swansea. This allows you to keep a pleasant and tidy atmosphere without the additional pressure of cleaning.

Whether you manage a small business or a giant corporation, the benefits of using an office cleaning service in Swansea are clear to all.

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Your office cleaning plan

Whether you decide to opt for a local commercial cleaning contract or choose to handle it in-house. It’s important that an office cleaning plan is followed to make sure that no office areas are missed!

Office areas to clean daily
  • ReceptionCommercial Cleaning Company
  • Offices (including each cubicle if applicable)
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Pantry rooms
  • Breakrooms
Weekly office cleaning tasks
  • Clean the office floors – including hoovering, polishing and buffing hard surfaces and mopping areas.
  • Don’t neglect glass cleaning, whether they’re windows or internal panels.
  • Sanitise and deep clean food preparation or cooking areas (such as fridges or microwaves).
  • Disinfect high traffic touchpoints like door handles and telephones
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Clean and buff wooden surfacesImportant office cleaning tasks to do monthly
  • Organise and declutter storage areas like office drawers and filing cabinets
  • Dust and disinfect harder to reach places like ceiling fans
  • Polish and buff wooden furniture and surfaces
  • Clean and hoover vents and office furniture material
Cleaning workplaces with an office dog

The difference between clean and sanitised

Our professional cleaning staff are trained to go beyond just cleaning visible messes. For professional cleaning businesses, cleaning is often just the first step in regular commercial cleaning.

Sanitising and decontaminating at-risk surfaces help keep your workplace safer from infections and viruses. This is where using a highly effective chemical sanitiser and utilising chemical disinfections come into play.

We clean everything from dental surgeries to schools in Swansea. Each client will require a different cleaning plan and a custom commercial cleaning schedule. Contact us today for your custom commercial cleaning plan.

The difference between clean and sanitised

Why office deep cleaning is crucial

  1. Provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees and customers alike.
  2. Give office visitors and staff a professional impression of your business.
  3. Clean away any accumulated grime, dust, or dirt.
  4. Improve the working environment for your employees.
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Professional Office CleaningThe easy way to keep your office clean in Swansea

Let Service Master do the hard work for you. Get a spotlessly clean office without the burden on your staff!

Our staff are specially trained in providing award winning commercial cleaning.

We have the tools, experience, and training to be able to provide great professional office cleaning services in Swansea.

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