Office Cleanliness Quiz

  • Your best client calls and wants to stop by. What do you clean up first? A) The half eaten bowl of porridge on my desk
    B) My computer desktop
    C) I’d give the chrome handles another polish
  • You pick up your keyboard and give it a quick shakedown over the desk. What falls out? A) The remains of King RichardIII
    B) A few flakey bits and some eyelashes that you can only hope are yours
    C) The fresh smell of cotton linen
  • You’ve made a cuppa for you and your colleagues. What did you do with the Tea bags? A) Created a little sculpture for my desk
    B) Left them on the side. Quite close to the bin, just not in it
    C) Put them in the food waste bin and wiped up afterwards
  • You have a deadline to meet so have taken lunch at your desk. What did you do with the dishes? A) Moved them to one side, next to the ones from yesterday
    B) Rinsed and placed in the dishwasher
    C) I’d rather miss the deadline than eat at my desk!
  • The dryer is broken and you’re out of paper towels, what do you do? A) Just apologise for ‘that awkward handshake’
    B) Shake off the excess water and wipe onto your clothes
    C) Use the backup hand towel that you always carry
  • A potential client sneezes into their hand before offering a handshake A) That’s OK, A few germs here and there help boost my immunity
    B) Grin and bear it because I always carry hand steriliser
    C) Apologise because you need to take an urgent phonecall outside
  • How tidy is your desk? A) Is a mouldy pot noodle considered tidy?
    B) Pens, pencils and paperwork in order. Somewhere
    C) Even the mouse needs to stay at right angles
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You answered mostly A. You’re a sloppy Sam, go wash your hands!

Perfectly comfortable in your surroundings, you’re a busy person with better things to do than tidy up. Rather than mess, you see organised chaos and are happy in a workplace environment that reflects your personality.

You answered mostly B. You’re a Laid-back Luke, it can wait a second.

Why let tidying up get in the way of productivity? After all, it can be done at the end of the day. Or even tomorrow. Dishes in the sink don’t bother you but when it’s time to tidy up, you’ll roll your sleeves up and get it done as efficiently as possible.

You answered mostly C. You’re a Tidy Tina, High five!

You’re a fan of a spotless surface and pride yourself on an impressively clean workspace. Well organised and well presented, you’re a champion of a 'clear desk, clear mind’ philosophy - more space for productivity. We salute you!