Why cleaning high touch points is so important

The importance of cleaning touch points

Having a regular cleaning schedule for high-contact building places is crucial. It limits the spread of bugs and improves the cleanliness of the workplace.

So, what is a high touch point?

Light Switches and touch pointsSimply put, common touchpoints are places that are used or touched often throughout the business day.

There can be differences between businesses and industries. Some common touch points are things like door handles, light switches, kettle handles and microwave buttons.

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Why is cleaning high-traffic areas so important?

Because high touch points are used or touch much more, they will be the first places to show signs of wear or dirtiness.

So taking extra care to keep these areas clean will improve the overall cleanliness feel of the business.

Another reason it’s so important is to stop the spread of germs amongst your employees.

With so many people touching them every day, cleaning these areas regularly can help stop the spread. This in turn means less staff absences!

Who should shoulder the responsibility of cleaning the workplace?


How often do touch points need to be cleaned?

They should be cleaned at least daily when the business is open or staff are working. If you already have a commercial cleaning contract it should be part of their daily cleaning schedule.

It’s always best to offer antibacterial wipes or gels near particularly high-risk areas like toilet doors.

Wherever possible you should be cleaning high touch points regularly to keep the business looking clean and employees safer from germs.

The difference between clean and sanitised


Remember, not all surfaces or materials are suitable for all cleaning products or tools. Take care before using a new cleaning product on an area or you might risk either damaging the surface or not properly disinfecting it.

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