The ultimate daily office cleaning checklist

Your daily cleaning guide to keeping your office looking its best!

A daily office cleaning checklist is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy workspace for employees. After all, nobody wants to work somewhere dirty or untidy.

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Ultimate office desk cleaning guideBenefits of cleaning your office daily

Not only will cleaning your office daily keep it looking professional, but it will also help boost staff morale. Your environment has been proven to affect your mental state. So a dirty workplace will negatively impact your staff’s mental health.

A cleaner office will also help improve productivity. By removing clutter, your office staff will be free to work without interruptions. And that’s without even considering the benefits of sanitising your office space to keep illnesses at bay!

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Daily office cleaning checklist

We’ve put together a daily office cleaning checklist that you can use to get started!

1. Dust daily!

Make sure you’re wiping all surfaces including desks, shelves, and cabinets. Keeping on top of it daily will help lessen the workload. But don’t forget to dust the out of reach places regularly too, think about tops of fridges etc.

2. Sanitise high-touch surfaces

This should be a significant part of your office cleaning routine. Look to sanitise door handles, light switches, desks, taps and kettles.

Keeping high-touch areas clean and sanitised can dramatically improve the rate of sickness in your office. It means that bugs are far less likely to spread.

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deep cleaning toilets3. Clean bathrooms

This is an area within your daily office cleaning checklist that will improve your staff’s morale.

Keeping areas such as the bathroom clean helps show employees that you’re considering their well-being.

You should clean and disinfect the toilets, sinks, countertops, mirrors, and hand dryers. Replace towels and hand soap as needed.

4. Take the bins out

Make sure to empty all rubbish bins and replace them with new bin bags. Any bags full of rubbish (especially the kitchen bin) should be taken out of the office to avoid lingering smells.

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5. Tidy desks at the end of the day

This might take a little time to get used to but trust us, it’s worth the 10 minutes! You’ll find that not only is it easier to work with a clean desk, but it also helps make the office look so much better.

Check out our daily desk office cleaning guide for tips on how to do this effectively!

6. Clean kitchens

Kitchens are used daily, so you should always dedicate time to them in your daily cleaning routine. Make sure to clean and disinfect the sink, countertops, and microwave.

Remember to refill any tea, coffee or sugar as needed. Ok – we know this isn’t really part of a cleaning checklist, but nobody wants to run out of tea during the workday!

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7. Clear out the fridge

This is definitely an area that needs to be included in your daily office cleaning checklist. There’s nothing worse than opening a fridge to be greeted by unpleasant smells and food that has visibly gone off!

Make it a priority to routinely go through any food or drinks stored in the fridge. Giving the inside and outside a wipe-down can also help limit bad smells.

daily cleaning tasks for retail - floor cleaning8. Sweep, hoover and mop!

Your exact floor cleaning process will depend on the floor surfaces you have in your office.

Make sure that any hard surfaces like tiles are swept and mopped. Carpeted areas should also be hoovered to keep your floor looking its best!

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Do offices need a regular deep cleaning?

The short answer? Yes. It’s important to have a deeper cleaning schedule in place to keep your office in top shape.

Typical cleaning tasks that should be included in deep cleans:
  • Deep clean carpets to prolong their life.
  • Wash the windows on the inside and outside.
  • Scrubbing bathrooms clean including focusing on the tiles.
  • Cleaning down the walls. Once this is done you might consider a paint retouch.
  • Organise storage to make sure it’s as efficient as possible.
  • Get the outside of your building cleaned.
  • Get hardwood floors deep cleaned and polished.
  • Wipe down any blinds to make sure they aren’t collecting dust or growing mould.
  • Move desks or cabinets to hoover underneath them.
January Cleaning - Service Master Cleaning ScheduleWhy commercial office cleaning contracts are cost-effective.

You might be looking at this list and thinking there’s no way that your team can manage to do these cleaning tasks routinely. Well, that’s the benefit of getting a commercial cleaning contract in place.

Not only will it mean that your staff can get on with their work uninterrupted, but it also means you’ll get the benefit of experienced cleaners. This means that cleaning is often done faster, better and with top-of-the-range cleaning tools and products.

We are the number 1 choice for local commercial cleaning and would love to help keep your office clean.

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