Keeping Clean During a Storm

Now that the weather is getting bad and winter is coming it can seem like storm after storm. This can be a nightmare for trying to keep anything clean, but particularly your office or shop with so many people coming in an out with fragments of the elements attached to them. Follow these 5 tips below and you can keep your office, shop or anything for that matter clean during these stormy months.

1. Door Matt

This is so essential during the colder months, from autumn leaves and mud from the rain drenched soil, always have a quality door matt near all entrances to minimise the amount of moisture and dirt people drag through. An extra tip, try putting matt both inside and outside the door.

2. Umbrella Stands

There is nothing worse than someone coming into your office or shop with their umbrella dripping across the place. Having a clearly positioned umbrella stand can encourage your employees or customers to put their umbrella into the stand before fully entering. This will again minimise the amount of moisture and dirt being brought into your work place.

3. Being extra cautious with disinfecting

Everyone knows that the winter months are a battle against your immune system. Cold and flu’s are much more likely and germs are going to spread. Take extra care with using anti bacteria spray or wipes and ensure to disinfect more frequently to get rid of all of those germs just waiting to make someone sick.

4. Keeping the Windows Clean

Windows are more often than not forgotten about during winter, because lets face it, no one wants to get out on those ladders in this temperature. But keeping your windows clean actually allows for more sunlight to absorb more moisture increasing the risk of mould. And less face it, it saves us going back to clean a horribly dirty window in summer.

5.  Floors

This may seem like an obvious one but your carpet can go through a lot during winter so be sure to keep on top of the hoovering and mopping to avoid more long term damage.

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