Easy warehouse cleaning checklist

The ultimate warehouse cleaning checklist

With the huge surge in online shopping over the pandemic, it’s meant that more warehouseswarehouse cleaning exist than ever before.

Another thing that the pandemic has taught us, is the importance of workplace cleaning. And cleaning factories or warehouses isn’t easy.

They’re often extremely busy and often hectic! That’s without even considering that there’s a lot more ground to cover than compared to a typical office.

Why is warehouse cleaning important?

We have many warehouses cleaning contracts in Swansea with clients who have already reaped the benefits of a clean workplace.

Key benefits of a tidier warehouse:
  • Less staff sickness/absences
  • Fewer accidents at work
  • Staff turnover is reduced as they’re happier
  • More productive generally as it’s easier to work
  • Longer shelf life of expensive machinery
  • Nicer working environment
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How do I keep my warehouse clean?

Let’s be honest, cleaning in an industrial environment can be tough. It’s always busy, there are always things moving and there’s a lot of space to keep clean and tidy.

The easiest way to keep industrial buildings clean is by utilising a commercial cleaning company. Your workers will definitely thank you for relieving the cleaning burden!

We’ve put together a commercial cleaning approved warehouse cleaning checklist to give you an idea of the things you should focus on.

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Ultimate warehouse cleaning checklist

Daily cleaning for warehousesDaily warehouse cleaning checklist
  1. Make sure that shelves and pallets are safely stacked
  2. Clear away rubbish from the floor
  3. Sweep flooring to make sure there’s no dirt build-up
  4. Clean and disinfect high-traffic areas like work desks or handles
  5. Take out full bins and replace them with fresh liners
  6. Sanitise bathrooms including sinks, handles, counters, and toilets
  7. Tidy up any offices at the warehouse
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Weekly warehouse cleaning checklist
  1. Dust lighting and fan fixtures.
  2. Restock bathrooms with towels, toilet paper and soap.
  3. Mop clean floors after sweeping.
  4. Clean window glass and any blinds/curtains.
  5. Make sure pallets are organised efficiently.
  6. Restock the cleaning cupboard to make sure you have enough cleaning products.
  7. Wipe down machinery and forklifts to make sure there’s no build-up of oil or residue. Make sure to check for safety and condition.
  8. Clean kitchen areas more deeply e.g. cleaning out expired food from the fridge.
  9. Clean down internal and external bins to prevent build-up.
  10. Review fire safety systems, exits and extinguishers.
  11. Litter pick the car park or surrounding areas.]
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deep cleaning toiletsMonthly warehouse cleaning checklist
  1. Check doors and ensure weather-stripping is adequate.
  2. Deep clean kitchens e.g. disinfecting the inside of fridges and microwaves.
  3. Monitor areas for water damage and leaks.
  4. Inspect areas for signs of mould or mildew – action appropriately.
  5. Deep clean all flooring including buffing if appropriate to lengthen the life of the floors.
  6. Deep clean all machines to encourage long shelf life.
  7. Scrub the walls to ensure clean and sanitised.
  8. Deep clean external signs or fixtures.
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Quarterly warehouse cleaning checklist
  1. Power wash outside of the building as well as anything appropriate inside
  2. Pull pallets and other materials from shelving and bin anything that’s broken or unusable.
  3. Replace mats at entryways if needed.
  4. Deep clean upholstery covers and fabric furniture.
  5. Steam clean carpeted areas.
  6. Deep clean and inspect floor coatings.
Tips for keeping industrial buildings clean

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