Know the difference between clean and sanitised – Commercial Cleaning

Know the difference between clean and sanitised – Commercial Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies help workplaces go from tidy to clean and sanitised.

Cleaning is often just the first step for commercial cleaning companies.

Professional cleaning business premises will usually go beyond this to also sanitise appropriate surfaces.

Are cleaning and sanitising different?

Yes. Cleaning focuses on removing dirt/mess from things and places. For example, hoovering the floor of a school classroom.

Whereas sanitising focuses on getting something thoroughly clean and free from bacteria. Examples of this might be a commercial cleaning company sanitising a dental surgery treatment room so that it’s safe for patients.

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Commercial Cleaning CompanyWhat does cleaning mean for Service Master Swansea?

It’s the initial step in a comprehensive decontamination procedure – but it’s one that must be completed!

This is where we clean away apparent grime, dust, or debris to prep the area for sanitising and disinfection.

Normally, clean water is used alongside a universal detergent to get surfaces sparking clean. For areas with a low risk of spreading germs (like floors or windows) this may be enough.

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How your local commercial cleaning company sanitise!Commercial Cleaning Services in Swansea and South West Wales

This goes beyond just cleaning and works to get rid of a large number of bacteria. This is essentials for any surface that food comes into contact with.

This is where your risk of infection is decreased by using a highly effective chemical sanitiser.

Although it usually kills most bacteria, there are some viruses which can withstand sanitisation.

The surfaces most at danger of contamination may need to be properly decontaminated.

How do Service Master Swansea decontaminate at risk surfaces?

Because of its ability to destroy pathogens, disinfection is a more effective decontamination procedure.

Chemical disinfections come in a variety of grades – we can work with you to identify one appropriate to the needs and requirements of your facility.

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Here at Service Master Swansea, we are a multiple award-winning commercial cleaning company. We are proud to put our customers at the heart of everything we do and have many loyal clients who have seen great results with us.

Using a professional cleaning service suited to business workplaces can dramatically improve customer and staff’s experiences!

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