How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company?

As much as we’d like to give you an answer on what commercial cleaning costs, the truth is – no one cost fits all. However, what we aim to do is give you an idea of how we work it out. 

Here at ServiceMaster Clean, we work with Welsh businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have experience cleaning all types of workplaces and offer a range of cleaning services!

Considering getting a new commercial cleaning company? Or never worked with one before? Here’s how we work out cleaning costs.

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Commercial Cleaning Pricing Factors

Several factors determine how much you pay for commercial cleaning:

  • Location
  • Size of premises
  • Services Needed
  • Length of service (e.g. a one-off vs an ongoing contract)
  • How many staff are needed
  • The type of business/premises
  • Time needed
  • TUPE information, (employee rights and current pay rates/holidays/pensions) from the incumbent contractor

The thing to remember is that the cost will depend on a lot of things. It could save you money in the long term. It also means that cleaning won’t become the responsibility of your existing staff, helping to boost morale.

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How We Work Out Cleaning Costs

Here’s an idea of how we’d price a commercial cleaning job.

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Size of Buiding

Everything is based on a price-per-hour basis. Therefore if a commercial premises requires eight hours of cleaning, the price would be based on eight hours. These eight hours would typically be split between four cleaning operatives, conducting two hours of cleaning each per evening.

The price depends on the time of the clean, location, materials required/machinery required etc.

If the cleaning is required outside of regular working hours to avoid disruption to the office/work staff then the hours are typically condensed (four cleaners working two hours rather than two working four hours). Working outside normal office hours also helps with the security of the building and means people don’t need to work very late hours.


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Flooring is the main factor in how long cleaning takes. For instance, hard floors will take longer to clean than carpets. We also factor in whether the flooring needs to be machine washed etc. If it does then the cost of a machine may need to be factored in for daily use, or we could choose to machine-wash periodically.

Building Usage 

One example here would be office toilets and kitchens vs large industrial toilets/canteens. These typically take less time to clean. This is because of the difference in working environments which means they can take longer to clean. The longer it takes to clean, the more time required and therefore the higher the price.


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To accurately determine a cost we would conduct a site survey before providing a price. Following our visit we send a bespoke cleaning presentation. The above factors all influence the price of the contract. 

Our quotes are based on a thorough understanding of your unique cleaning needs!

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