A Commercial Cleaning Checklist: Your Guide to Efficient Business Cleaning

Your Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Custom commercial cleaning plansWe are going to make keeping your business clean easy with our commercial cleaning checklist. Maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace is essential for businesses of all sizes. A clean environment not only promotes the well-being of employees but also leaves a positive impression on clients and customers.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a clean and inviting space that fosters productivity and professionalism.

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Your Cleaning Checklist by Room:

Cleaning a whole business space can be time-consuming. So to make it easier to manage, we’ve split the cleaning tasks by room.

Entrance/Reception Areas:

  1. Clean glass doors, windows, and handles.
  2. Dust and wipe down the reception desk and any furniture.
  3. Hoover or mop entrance mats.
  4. Empty and clean rubbish bins.
  5. Ensure that there is enough hand sanitisers for workers and visitors.
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  1. Dust and wipe down desks, chairs, and other furniture.
  2. Clean and sanitise computer screens, keyboards, and telephones.
  3. Empty and clean rubbish bins.
  4. Hoover or mop floors (depending on flooring material).
  5. Organise and declutter workstations.


  1. Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, and urinals.
  2. Refill soap dispensers, hand towels, and toilet paper.
  3. Clean mirrors, countertops, and any other surfaces.
  4. Sweep and mop floors.
  5. Empty and sanitise any bins
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Kitchen or Break Room:

  1. Clean and sanitise countertops, sinks, and appliances.
  2. Wipe down microwaves, fridges, and kettles.
  3. Empty and clean out the fridge regularly.
  4. Empty and clean rubbish bins.
  5. Make sure floors are kept clean and tidy.
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Meeting Rooms:

  1. Dust and wipe down tables, chairs, and other furniture.
  2. Clean whiteboards/flipcharts that are used in presentations.
  3. Hoover or mop floors.
  4. Ensure there is enough supply of stationery and presentation materials.
  5. Make sure any windows and doors are kept clean and wiped down regularly.
  6. Chairs should be kept clean and looking their best.
  7. Any bins need to be emptied and cleaned regularly.
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Common Areas and Hallways:

  1. Dust and wipe down surfaces like handrails or ledges.
  2. Hoover and/or mop floors.
  3. Clean glass windows and doors to remove dirt, streaks and fingerprints.
  4. If there are any bins they need to be regularly emptied and cleaned.

Other Specialised Cleaning Tasks:

  1. Schedule regular deep cleaning for carpets and upholstery. Especially if it’s in areas of high traffic.
  2. Polish and maintain hard floors to keep them looking their best.
  3. Any air vents or filters need to be kept cleaned and maintained.
  4. You should regularly be disinfecting high-touch areas like door handles, light switches and lift buttons.
  5. Outdoor building cleaning is also key as it’s the first impression you’ll make on someone.
  6. Any blinds or curtains need to be dusted and/or cleaned.
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While following this commercial cleaning checklist can help businesses maintain a clean and organised workspace, it’s important to note that managing these tasks internally can be time-consuming and demanding.

For a hassle-free and efficient approach, it’s advisable to consider utilising a professional commercial cleaning company. This way your staff can focus on completing the duties that they were hired to do. And you get to take advantage of the expertise, high-tech equipment, and resources of an experienced commercial cleaning agency.

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