Professional Cleaning Advice – Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Professional Cleaning Advice – Winter Office Cleaning Tips



When the winter months approach, many think about staying warm inside, but don’t forget that you need to make sure your office cleaning activities are adapted.

The cold weather can affect your usual cleaning schedule. During the winter months and the cold weather sets in, germs and diseases find themselves to be spread easily, making office cleaning take an important step to make sure that the spread of germs is kept to a minimum.

Avoiding taking proper precautions could lead to more sick days in the workplace, which will harm your business activities. We’ve put together some winter cleaning tips for you to implement in the workplace.


1. Sanitising all areas

This first tip should be an obvious one, but is much more important in the winter. You should make sure that you sanitise and disinfect all the areas in the office, such as the desks, and touchpoints like light switches and food appliances. Doing so will reduce the chances of an ill worker spreading an illness.

Light Switches and touch points

2. Keeping the air conditioning clean

One thing you may forget to do is to check if the office air conditioning units have been cleaned. This is because the air from these units is circulating continuously throughout the office, and it’s important to make sure that the air is clean and safe. If failed to be cleaned, dust and office germs are circulated more effectively, making it more likely to affect the workers.

3. Fall and slip precautions


You shouldn’t only think about the inside of your office, the outside of the office can also be a location to look at when cleaning in the winter. The increased chances of snow and rain can make it more likely that falls and slips will occur.

Ways to deter these risks include to place a non-slip mat at the entrance to the office building, and if your office has a wooden floor, place them in the office area as well. Doing this will decrease hazards, and prepare you for avoidable injuries.


These are just 3 tips to prepare you for the winter months. If you have any enquiries or questions on how to improve your cleaning office activities, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance HERE