Office Cleaning – Looking after the office dog

Having an office dog is a brilliant way of offering you employees stress relief, communication, and other essential things, such as cuddles. 


Although office dogs offer many benefits, they can be the cause of a very messy office! Depending on the breed, they may leave hair everywhere, slobber on furniture, and likely have an accident! 

Here are some helpful hints to make sure that your employees enjoy all the benefits, without having to put up with the mess. 

1. Keeping the carpet clean


It’s likely that the worst hit place in the office will be the carpets! Dogs can often drag in things from outside like dirt or even the odd stick, which will sink into the carpet. Make sure you’re vacuuming your carpets regularly. 

Doing this will stop the build up of fur, which can be hard to get up once it’s set. Your vacuum cleaner also needs to be designed to tackle pet hair to avoid any damaged equipment! 


2. Beware of accidents!


This is more relatable for puppies or dogs that are new to the environment. You should more than expect some accidents from your companion in the office, so make sure you’re prepared and have the right cleaning products and aids to hand. For example dog safe cleaning products, doggy bags and some rubber gloves!

Taking the dog out for breaks frequently can help limit the number of accidents your dog has in the office. 


3. Smelling Fresh


Sometimes the smell of dogs is unavoidable, so here are some measures that you can take to keep the office smelling fresh and welcoming! 

Stocking up on room spray and air fresheners can help combat those dog smells. We recommend leaving the windows open on nice days to allow fresh air into the building. 

Don’t forget, it’s not just the office dog you’ll have to clean up after, sometimes people are even more messy!

Still looking to take on an office dog but worried about combating the above issues? Then take advantage of local commercial cleaning services!

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