Commercial Cleaning Guide for the Summer

Tips to keep your business clean in the Summer

As the warm weather starts to hit, many of us are starting to get excited about enjoying some well-needed sunshine.

As a business owner, the Summer comes with many cleaning challenges.  Many workers will look to take holidays over the Summertime which could leave you with fewer staff to help keep your workplace clean!

6 Handy Commercial Cleaning Summertime Tips

1. Never neglect your floor!Floor Cleaning Company

Summer is often a popular time for many businesses who see substantial increases in foot traffic in their business.

The issue with higher traffic levels is that it is much harder to keep floors and carpets clean.

Keeping your workplace floor clean is vitally important for a number of reasons, from offering a better impression to buyers to improving the morale of your employees.

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2. Clean out perishable foods

With the weather warmer, perishable foods should be monitored more than in colder months. Leaving fresh produce out in the sun is not only unsafe but also unsanitary.

Nothing will affect company morale more than opening the work fridge to make a cup of tea and being faced with grim expired foods.

Surfaces which have held expired or perished foods should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

3. Monitor and manage high touchpointsCleaning a surface in protective clothing

The floor of your business isn’t the only thing that will get affected by high levels of traffic.

High-touch surfaces such as stair rails, arms of chairs and door handles should be treated with extra caution.

To prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, these types of areas should be cleaned properly and often.

4. Keep windows clear

Windows are another area of cleaning that is often forgotten about.

Whether it’s to make sure you present a professional front with streak-free windows or even improve employee morale, clean windows are important.

Many professional window cleaners will offer more services during the warmer months.

Keep your desk decluttered and clean5. De-clutter and clean desks

Keeping desks tidy and clean is an easy way to affect how clean a workspace feels.

It’s a quick job that your employees can perform at the end of each workday.

Filing paperwork, cleaning cups and glasses away and wiping surfaces with a suitable spray and cloth makes a huge difference in improving the tidiness of an office.

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6. Consider Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Any business owner will tell you that there is usually an increase in staff absences over the Summer period.

Whether it’s because of sickness from things like heatstroke to planned holidays, Summer can be a stressful time for business owners. So, with higher demand and less staff to fulfil this demand, cleaning often is as prioritised as it should be.

Using a professional cleaning service can help keep your business properly cleaned and sanitised without the extra burden of getting your staff to do it.

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