Our Business Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist

Our guide to getting your business clean pre-Christmas

With most businesses looking to shut down for at least a few days, pre-Christmas cleaning is essential.

The trouble is, it can seem overwhelming. So, if you’re one of the companies staring at massive warehouses or offices and wondering where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Why you should be doing a pre-christmas clean-minWhy should I be doing pre-Christmas cleaning?

Because there’s nothing more unpleasant than returning from a break to a mouldy cup of tea. Nothing will lower morale faster than coming back to an awful-smelling fridge!

Doing a pre-Christmas clean will help you avoid all of that. You’ll be able to return to work after enjoying a clean workplace. It improves staff morale and helps limit the risk of back-to-work bugs striking your team.

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Our Pre-Christmas Business Cleaning Checklist

1. Always get rid of food and drinks that are about to expire.

The pre-Christmas cleaning is a great excuse to give that communal fridge the spring clean it’s needed for a while!

Remove any food or drinks that will be off by the time you’re back, and give everything a thorough wipe-down.

2. Don’t neglect the microwave!

While you’re cleaning out the fridge, you should also give some cleaning attention to the microwave.

When you know it won’t be used, give it a proper deep clean to clear any lingering food debris or smells.

3. Empty all bins

It’s a smart idea to figure out when your rubbish collection dates are and try to time this cleaning task appropriately.

While the bins are empty, give them a quick wash and disinfect them to clear any lingering bacteria and germs.

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4. All electrical devices should be off

Ok, this is more about safety than cleaning. But it works by turning off and unplugging appropriate electric devices.

You’ll get lower electricity bills and a lower fire risk. So it’s a winner all around.

5. Hoover, sweep or mop floors

Don’t leave the mess to fester over the festive season. Clear any debris and give the floor a proper clean before Christmas.

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6. Sink cleaning

All sinks are included in this. Whether it’s the kitchen breakroom, a bathroom sink or a workshop sink, make sure they’re clean before shutting down.

Pre-Christmas cleaning should include giving the sinks a good once over with a cloth. Leaving it until later will only make it difficult to clean and risk mould.

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7. Clean your toilets and restock items

Nothing will bring morale down faster than a bathroom that’s unpleasant to use.

Give your toilets a quick scrub and replace any items that are needed, such as toilet paper and hand soap.

8. Clean break rooms

These are some of the most used rooms in the building, and the place where most people will eat and drink, so don’t neglect them.

With a good cleaning done before Christmas, you won’t have a mystery stain or lingering smell.

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9. Turn the heating on low

It’s wise to keep the heating temperature low during the festive shutdown. This keeps pipes from freezing over but also helps limit condensation issues.

10. Schedule deep cleans over Christmas

If one of your factory machines is desperate for a deep clean, the Christmas shutdown is the time to get commercial cleaning teams in.

That way, when you return to work in January, it’ll be sparkling clean and ready to use.

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11. Dust, dust, dust again!

Trust us on this. With nobody using the desks and machines, you’ll likely come back to a little dust.

But it would be nothing compared to the level of dust you’d get if you didn’t give it attention before the break.

12. Clear all of the desks

Especially if the festive period is your busy season, your desks are likely to look a bit messy.

If your desk is buried under paperwork, then now is the time to file what you need and get rid of what you don’t.

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13. Replenish cleaning materials

Before you break up for Christmas, make sure that you have any cleaning products or tools you might need in January.

You might find yourself in a messy situation that you didn’t expect. Having the things you need to clean it up will make a huge difference.

14. Clean your screens, phones, and keyboards

These are items that you usually use every day. Even if they look perfectly clean, there may be unseen bacteria lurking.

Giving these a thorough clean with appropriate cleaners will hopefully help limit the office bugs in January.

15. Do a round to check that there aren’t any cups, utensils or plates left on desks

Inevitably, even with all of your cleaning efforts in overdrive, something will be missed.

So doing 1 final walk around to make sure any cups, forks or plates aren’t left over is a must.

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