8 Showroom Cleaning Hacks

Easy To Follow Tips To Keep Your Retail Showroom CleanCommercial floor cleaning

If you have a customer-facing business, it’s super important to make sure you’re making a great first impression. After all, you only get 1 chance to make a great first impression.

Whether you have a vehicle showroom or are showcasing another product, it’s important to make sure that the showroom looks clean and tidy.

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How To Keep Your Showroom Clean:

The easiest way to get this done is to use a commercially cleaning contractor who is experienced in showroom cleaning.

From a small retail outlet to a large vehicle showroom, Service Master Swansea will put together a custom cleaning package to make your business premises sparkle.

We go above and beyond a standard showroom clean by offering a daily service (in and out of hours) and daytime cleaning for all internal and external public areas.

Retail showroom cleaning tasks include:
  • Professional Floor Cleaning Suppliesdetail cleaning,
  • polishing and cleaning floors,
  • window cleaning
  • car park litter clearance
  • and perimeter maintenance.
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8 Cleaning Tips To Keep your Showroom Looking Its Best

We have used our showroom commercial clean experience across South West Wales to put together some easy-to-follow tips to keep your showroom customer ready.

Commercial Cleaning Company1. Don’t forget about the showroom floor!

It’s critical to keep the workplace floor clean. Not only is it an area that can get dirty quickly (especially in bad weather), but it can also present a tripping hazard!

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2. Make sure desks are tidy and clutter-free!

If you run a vehicle dealership, there’s nothing more off-putting than seeing a sales employee with a cluttered desk.

Keeping your desk tidy and organised presents a much better impression to your potential buyers.

3. Always clean external customer areas too

Many showrooms make the mistake of stopping cleaning at their front door. However, a car park filled with litter or an unkept perimeter might put potential customers off from coming inside.

4. Make sure you clean more than once a day!Commercial Cleaning Services in Swansea and South West Wales

Especially during busy times, your time spend cleaning that morning can be very quickly undone.

Wherever possible, regularly monitor the level of cleanliness in your retail showroom. Including picking up rubbish that’s been dropped, cleaning scuffs or fingerprint marks and mopping up floor spills.

5. Always keep your windows streak-free

Keeping your windows shiny and clear allows potential customers passing by to view your products in your retail showrooms.

It also helps those visiting get a good impression of your level of attention to detail.

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Commercial Cleaning for Retail Showrooms6. Don’t forget to keep your products clean too

Whether you run a kitchen showroom or a vehicle dealership, it’s important to make sure your products look their best too.

Keeping your cars shiny and clean and your kitchen units tidy and dust-free goes a long way in convincing potential buyers to part with their money.

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7. Keep high touch point areas clean

High traffic areas like light switches or door handles can get grimy and worn down quickly because of their high usage. Keeping these areas clean regularly not only protects your staff from spreading germs but also keeps them looking good for longer.

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8. Keep customers and employee toilets sparkling and fresh

This is an area where many retail showrooms quickly fall down. Having a toilet that isn’t pleasant to use can put off great employees from working with you and is a sure-fire way to make a bad impression on a customer.

Stop missing out on sales – keep your showroom sparkling clean.

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