10 tips to make school cleaning easy

How to get your school clean and keep it that way

Getting school cleaning done right is so important! But that doesn’t make it very easy.

A school gets a lot of traffic, more than any conventional workplace. During a weekday, you’re trying to contend with hundreds of people. This includes pupils of all ages, internal staff, teachers, and even guests or parents that are visiting the school.

On top of the many people using the buildings, there’s also a lot of space to clean. That includes plenty of classrooms and laboratories, food halls and canteens, toilets/ bathrooms, changing rooms and even showers!

Classroom cleaning reasonsWhy is it so important to keep your school clean?

The recent pandemic has highlighted how vital it is to keep spaces clean and germs to a minimum. And with pupils and teachers spending all day there, it can be a nightmare trying to stop a bug from spreading.

Regular school cleaning will also help everybody take more pride in the building’s appearance. Making it a nicer environment for everybody means you’ll have people who are happier to be there.

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10 easy school cleaning tips

If you make regular school cleaning a priority, then you’ll soon notice a difference.

You can either handle all the cleaning duties internally or hire a commercial school cleaning company.

1. Make sure there are doormats at every entrance

This gives whoever is entering the building a chance to wipe their feet so that they don’t carry the dirt inside to your clean hallways.

These should be regularly cleaned to lower the risk of germs being harboured in the fibres.

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school cleanliness - bin sign2. Make sure there are plenty of bins

Having readily available and accessible bins is a crucial element for school cleaning. Without this, you’ll start to notice that you see more litter being left on the floor.

3. Keep an eye on the bins to prevent overflowing

It’s not enough to have plenty of bins you also need to make sure they’re not full. Overflowing bins will quickly make your school appear dirtier than it actually is.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle

It’s a great incentive to push internally at your school. Not only will it ensure your school stays cleaner, but you’re making sure that fewer things are going to landfills.

This is a healthy habit that should help encourage students (and staff) to pay more attention to their environment.

5. Offer time at the end of each class to clear away

Giving students 5-10 minutes to clear away their stations or whatever they’re working with helps encourage the habit.

Not only will students be more likely to participate in clean up if it doesn’t eat into their lunch breaks, but it’ll also keep classrooms cleaner.

deep cleaning toilets6. Regularly clean the bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than having to use a public toilet when it’s filthy. Keeping bathrooms clean and pleasant not only dramatically improves school life but is also much more sanitary.

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7. Regularly deep clean your school

Whether you choose to organise a “school cleaning day” event where students participate, or you hire professional school cleaners, you need to make sure your school gets a good thorough clean.

Make sure that if you aren’t using commercial cleaners that cater to the education sector, you’re including plenty of safety equipment for the students.

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8. Pay special attention to high touchpoints

Think of places that get touched a lot and regularly clean these. Cleaning and disinfecting these will help reduce the spread of illness in your school.

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school floor cleaning9. Don’t forget the floor!

Even with plenty of doormats, you’ll still see lots of mud dragged into the hallways. Especially on rainy days!

So, making sure the floors are kept clean is crucial to improving the overall cleanliness of your school.

Remember that some school floors require specialist cleaning so as not to damage them!

The importance of commercial floor cleaning
10. Make toys washable!

If you’re a primary school with plenty of educational toys, making sure they’re washable is a must.

With lots of sticky fingers touching them daily, they should either be wipeable or washable to prolong their life and keep them clean.

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