How to deep clean your school in the Summer Holiday

Guide to thoroughly clean your school during the Summer

Cleaning to protect investmentsThere’s no better time to deep clean your school than during the Summer holiday. You’ve got plenty of time to give every area of the school the cleaning attention it needs.

It can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large school with several buildings, halls and classrooms.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy Summer holiday school cleaning checklist!


Why is it important to deep clean your school?

Classroom cleaning reasons1. Creates a safe learning environment

Conducting a comprehensive clean of your school should be a priority as it helps create a safe learning environment for teachers and students.

2. Impress prospective parents

It helps you impress prospective parents by giving them the right impression from the offset. Nothing will put off parents quicker than seeing a dirty reception area with worn and muddy carpets.

3. High traffic means it gets dirty easily

Another key reason to deep clean your school is that the area needs looking after. There is a huge amount of traffic every day during the school term. That means hundreds of grubby fingers and muddy feet passing through hallways every single day!

4. Increase longevity of assets

Equipping a school with all the furniture, tools and equipment needed is expensive. A deep cleaning helps the school make sure that equipment is given the best chance possible of being used safely for a long time.

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School Cleaning Checklist


Classroom deep cleaning listClassroom cleaning checklist

– Whiteboards and blackboards should be wiped down using appropriate products

– Classroom chairs and desks should be dusted and cleaned

– All flooring needs to be hoovered and mopped

– High touch points like plugs, switches, door handles and communal sharpeners should be thoroughly wiped down

– Windows need to be washed and dried to ensure they’re streak free

– Pay special attention to corners and edges of the classroom as they can get very dusty

– Walls need to be cleaned and sanitised if appropriate (cooking and science classrooms)

– Bins should be emptied and bleached

Bathroom Summer cleaning list

All toilets should be deep cleaned and sanitised ready for September

– Sinks should be cleaned, sanitised and any wetness dried

– Dispensers should be wiped down and re-filled

– Flooring needs to be mopped and sanitised

– Tiled surfaces need to be washed, sanitised, and wiped down

– High touch points should be cleaned (door handles, door locks, light switches, mirrors and radiators)

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Commercial cleaning contractsSchool hallway deep cleaning

– Wood or sports hall floors need to be buffed and cleaned

– Carpets hoovered and shampooed

– Windows cleaned and wiped to be smear free

– All high touch points should be wiped down (switches, plugs and door handles)

– Bins emptied and deep cleaned

Importance of high touch point cleaning
Staff room cleaning checklist

Flooring should be vacuumed, mopped and cleaned.

– Fridges need deep cleaning

– Kitchen areas should be cleaned and sanitised

– Hoovered sofas or soft seating locations

– High traffic touch points need to be cleaned (switches, plugs, door handles, kettle buttons)

– Bins emptied and deep cleaned

– Windows cleaned and wiped

– Light shades used need to be cleaned, dusted and washed. (dependent on material)

What’s the difference between cleaned and sanitised?

Get your school clean easilyClean your school ready for new year

The easiest way to deep clean your school is to have Service Master do it for you. It’s a big task that needs someone experienced in educational building cleaning to know where and what to clean and sanitise.

We can provide fully vetted and enhanced DBS-checked cleaning personnel dependent on client preference.

We never compromise on the quality of service and level of safety in our commercial cleaning service.

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