How to keep your industrial buildings clean

Handy tips for maintaining a clean factory or plant

Whether you’re a food manufacturing factory or a large storage and distribution centre, keeping areas hygienic is crucial.

We’ve put together handy tips on what to include in your manufacturing and engineering plant cleaning schedule and the benefits of using a commercial cleaner who specialises in industrial buildings.

Benefits of keeping a sanitised industrial building

Make factory workers more efficient

– Protecting the health and safety of your workplace

Avoiding staff illnesses or injuries is vital to your business as a whole.

Helping protect your workers drives employee loyalty to the business, manages staff absences and also reduces company turnover of workers.

– Meeting your legal obligations from a customer perspective

Regardless of your industry, there are safety requirements set in place for industrial buildings which must be met.

– Reducing fire risks in your factory building

Any debris, dirt or clutter hanging around your commercial property can be a fire hazard. This is why regular commercial cleaning to a high standard is vital.

– Improve the efficiency of your employees

Keeping a clean and decluttered industrial environment also allows your employees to be able to carry their duties out without worrying about tripping hazards.

– Lengthen the life of machinery and equipment

If factory equipment is not cleaned regularly, it can build up with dirt, grime and dust which eventually leads to the machine breaking.

7 Easy to follow cleaning tips for industrial buildings

1. Always follow specific guidelines which are tailored to your industry.manufacturing plant cleaning

For example, food manufacturers will need to be sanitising and disinfecting and not just cleaning. Read more about the difference between clean and sanitised

2. Never neglect your industrial floor

Keeping a clean and tidy floor goes a long way to boosting employee morale and also making your workplace safer. Check out ‘Industrial floor cleaning – why it’s important’

3. Use special equipment suited to your business and factory

Always make sure that any cleaning equipment or products you are using won’t tarnish or break your industrial equipment or floor material.

4. Clean and sanitise high touch point areas

High touch points like door handles and bannisters are the quickest ways for germs to circulate your business. Read our Summer commercial cleaning guide

5. Don’t forget about cleaning factory facilitiesengineering plant cleaning

Keeping bathrooms and kitchen areas clean is just as important as keeping the factory floor clean.

6. Pay attention to seasonal cleaning changes!

Your industrial building will need different jobs needed to cater to the changing weather. For example, you’re always at more risk of mould in the colder months. How to stop mould and keep your workplace clean

7. Consider who should shoulder the cleaning responsibility

It’s important that the cleaning is done well by someone who understands how and when cleaning should happen.

It should also be someone who has the time that they are able to dedicate towards keeping the level of cleanliness in your factory to a high standard.

Who should shoulder the responsibility of cleaning in the workplace?

The advantages of hiring commercial industrial cleaners

keeping factory floors cleanYou’ll see often that when internal staff are charged with keeping the workspace clean it reduces their productivity overall by pulling them away from other important tasks.

Service Master offers professional industrial cleaning in South West Wales to a range of industries. Let us save you the time and money of having your internal factory workers clean.

We have a large team of trained and experienced industrial cleaners who undertake regular commercial cleaning training and always use up to date commercial cleaning equipment and products.

Read more about our Swansea and Cardiff industrial commercial cleaning service

How Service Master can help keep your factory clean:

We are dedicated to providing great South West Wales industrial cleaning services.

Award-winning commercial cleaning service in Swansea and Cardiff

  • Commercial cleaning team who specialises in industrial cleaning
  • High-quality cleaning products and equipment
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Improve company morale
  • Reduce company staff turnover rates
  • Often cost-saving and cost-effective
  • Dedicated management who will help put together your cleaning schedule

We are proud to make it easy to keep your Swansea or Cardiff factory clean. Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials across our engineering and manufacturing plants cleaning contracts in the South-West Wales area.

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