What is commercial cleaning and how it helps businesses

Commercial cleaning – how it helps your business succeedCommercial Cleaning Checklist

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What is meant by ‘Commercial cleaning’?

It’s where a professional cleaning service is used for businesses/organisations.

This could be anything from office workplace cleaning to ensuring a clean and sterile environment in dental surgeries.


Why is a clean environment important for businesses?

  • A messy or dirty environment can make it difficult for your staff to work efficiently.
  • An untidy workplace can have a negative effect on staff morale.
  • You only have 1 chance to make a good first impression.
  • It helps lower the spread of germs or bacteria which in turns means fewer staff illnesses.

Why to use a commercial cleaning company

  1. They’re the experts – they are specially trained in this area. This means they know where and how to clean.
  2. Reduce the pressure on your staff to juggle their day to day duties and keep everything clean/
  3. A commercial cleaning company will have access to professional cleaning tools and products.

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