12 places often missed in school cleaning

daily cleaning tasks for retail - floor cleaningThe most common spots overlooked in school cleaning

To keep a school building clean for its students and staff, it is crucial that the building is kept clean. It’s a big cleaning task, regardless of whether you’re handling the cleaning in-house or through a commercial cleaning company.

So we’ve put together a quick and easy cleaning checklist to make sure your school cleaning isn’t missing these common spots!

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School cleaning’s top 12 most overlooked spots

It stands to reason that with such a large building, there’s a chance that some places might be missed in the school clean. However, working with an experienced commercial cleaning company like Service Master Swansea can help you avoid this.

Here are 12 places you need to make sure you clean:

1. Playground equipment

Outdoor playground equipment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria as they’re such a high-touch area. These areas need to be specially cleaned to not only make them safe for children but also to prolong their shelf life.

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2. Bathroom doors

Bathrooms are usually high up on the list of priorities for school cleaning, but doors are often missed. These high-touch areas need to be cleaned regularly to stop germs from spreading.

3. Bathroom mirrors

This is another key area that is often overlooked when cleaning toilets. Many of them have bathroom mirrors that draw people in. It’s important to clean the mirrors to keep them looking clean as well as get rid of any bacteria that is sticking around.

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4. On top of cabinets and storage

It might be out of sight and out of mind, but it’s key to make sure these areas are cleaned regularly. Not only will it help staff morale by keeping the environment clean and tidy, but it will also prevent dust and dirt build-up.

5. Drinking fountains

Water fountains are an area that should be wiped down and sanitised regularly. Many of your students will drink regularly from these areas, so you need to keep them clean and sanitised.

6. Outdoor signage

Nothing will bring down the outside appearance of your school more than dirty and unclear signage. It could end up putting off investors, potential students and even future teachers, so it’s important to include this area in regular school cleaning.

7. Classroom chairs

This furniture is used daily while the school is open. While desks will be easily remembered, classroom chairs will often get forgotten in your school cleaning routine. They’re equally as critical to keep clean as they’ll be areas that most of your students will come into contact with often.

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8. Handrails

There’s nothing worse than touching a sticky or dirty handrail. You’d be surprised at how quickly dirt, residue and bacteria build-up here. So they should be a priority when your school is cleaned.

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9. Windows

This goes for internal and external windows, both on the inside and out. Not only will keeping your windows clean help keep up the overall appearance of the school, but it will also limit the spread of germs.

10. Gym Equipment

Regardless of whether you only use gym mats or use full gym equipment, these areas need to be kept clean. This will protect your students and elongate the life of the gym items.

11. Material surfaces including seating

It’s not just classroom chairs that need a little love! Material surfaces like in libraries, reception or common areas need to be kept clean. Without regular cleaning they can quickly become dirty and an eyesore.

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12. Ceiling fans and vents

Another case of forgotten because they’re out of the direct eye line. It’s important to keep these areas clean to ensure that they’re still usable. A build-up of dirt and dust can prevent ceiling fans and vents from working efficiently.

easiest way to clean your schoolThe easiest way to get your school cleaning done right.

The easiest way to make sure your school is kept sparkling clean is to use an experienced commercial cleaner.

Here at Service Master Swansea we provide an award-winning service and offer tailored contracts to suit your needs.

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