Stop missing out on sales – How to make sure your showroom is spotless

Stop missing out on sales – How to make sure your showroom is spotless

If the cars at your showroom aren’t moving around much and you’re not making sales. The problem could be your showroom. Your vehicle dealership is your first chance to make a good impression on potential customers. 

Here are a few tips to make sure your showroom is kept in check!


1. Keep your floors clean



Your dealership will see many cars moving around its area, and this can create tyre marks and spread dirt around your showroom. Your floors should be regularly cleaned to make sure that there are no signs of dirt, dust or any other residue. Since there’s usually a lot of light in the showroom, unclean floors are much more likely to be noticed.

2. Make sure the toilets are spotless


Your toilet should be regularly monitored so they’re presentable to every customer that walks through the door. Some customers may spend some time in your dealership, whether it’s waiting to purchase a car, or waiting for their car service. It will be regularly used throughout the day.


3. Keep your showroom smelling fresh! 


You don’t want any of your customers walking into the showroom and being hit by the smell of bad odours, or car fumes. They should be greeted by something that smells great to make them feel more welcome and invited!


4. Get your desks in order



This should be an obvious one, but making sure to tidy and organise your desk is important. No customer would like to do business with a person that has stains, dust and papers all over their desk, it gives signs that you’re unprofessional.


5. Windows and walls need to be blemish-free



First impressions always count, and when you’re a car dealership, this can start before the customer walks through the door. They’ll make judgments on the exterior of the building, if they can’t see through the windows, or there are dirty walls, you’re off to a bad start.


These are just a few tips on what to do to keep your showroom and dealership in good shape. If you need any questions or queries on how to improve your cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us!