Office Clean – Christmas Decoration Prep

I hate to say it, but we are quickly nearing the big C. That’s right, Christmas.

It’s the time of year where offices all over the UK are planning their annual arrangments over the Christmas tree and decorations. But one thing is for sure, you can go about your decorating knowing that your office is fully prepared and most importantly, clean after you’ve finished. That is, of course, if you follow these top tips, as we all know that putting up your Christmas decorations can be a very messy task.

Prepare with an office clean

The most important element of putting up the decs is preparation. Set aside a day for an office clean. When putting your day to day decor away to make room for your Christmas decorations ensure you clean the item, whether it’s an ornament or photo frame.

Also, make sure you’re cleaning the area completely, these areas may be desks, window cills and staircases. This will set a nice clean base for your decorations to help you maintain the cleanliness over the festive period. Another tip, do exactly the same when you are putting away your Christmas decorations.

Cleaning the tree

There are pros and cons to both artificial and real Christmas trees. The most important cleaning aspect when it comes to this Christmas staple is ensuring you hoover any needles left behind from putting up your tree and thereafter over time because the will get EVERYWHERE! If you have an artificial Christmas tree just be sure to give it a good wipe over before putting it up as no doubt it has collected some dust over the year, the same goes for baubles too.

If you found these tips helpful and would like to talk to us about your company’s commercial cleaning plan simply get in touch today! Together we can come up with the right plan to suit you and your workplace.