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How we set a new standard in our approach to commercial cleaning

In business, cleanliness is the unsung hero behind productivity and professionalism. But finding a commercial cleaner who understands your needs can be daunting. That’s where ServiceMaster Swansea comes in. We offer a personalised approach to commercial cleaning that sets us apart from the rest!

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If you’re seeking a change from your current cleaning provider or looking for professional cleaning services for the first time, ServiceMaster is here to guide you through the process.

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Here’s What Happens When you Get in Touch:


  1. You Contact us for a Cleaning Quote

When you get in touch with the team, they’ll reach out to you to get additional information before arranging to come out for a site visit.

We understand that every business is different, which is why our first step is to listen to your specific requirements and discuss any concerns.

  1. We Discuss Your Current Cleaning Arrangements

During our call, we’ll discuss your current cleaning arrangements. We want to know what’s working well and where there’s room for improvement. 

Whether you’ve had challenges with consistency, attention to detail, or simply feel like your current cleaner isn’t meeting your expectations, we’re here to offer a fresh perspective.

Why Choose Us?


  1. Customising Your Cleaning Plan: Site Audit and Assessment

Next, we conduct a thorough site audit to identify the needs of your business. Our team will assess the size of your space, the nature of your operations, and any areas of concern. This means we can tailor a cleaning plan to your exact needs. During the site visit, we’ll also estimate how long it will take to clean your premises. 

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Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services, we’ll work with you to create a schedule that seamlessly integrates with your business. Our goal is to minimise disruption, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and inviting at all times.


  1. Our Bespoke Cleaning Solution

Once we’ve completed our site audit and assessment we will provide you with a quote. We believe in transparency, which is why our quotes are based on a thorough understanding of your unique cleaning needs. 

Our costs include all management and supervisory costs, cleaning equipment and products, machinery and holiday and sickness cover. With ServiceMaster, you receive a bespoke cleaning plan designed specifically for your business.

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Ready to get started?

If you’re in the market for a commercial cleaner who goes above and beyond, then look no further than ServiceMaster. We’re committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.

Contact us today to experience the ServiceMaster difference.

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