Your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning guide for retail

Retail premises cleaning guide

Retail premises are some of the most challenging buildings to keep clean. Every day retail buildings are used by not only staff but customers as well.

And because the building is customer-facing, keeping your retail premises clean is even more important. So we’ve put together some tips for your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning guide for retail premises.

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Daily cleaning tips for retail buildings

  1. daily cleaning tasks for retail - floor cleaningSweeping the floors to clear dirt and debris is an important step. Appropriate floors should then be mopped to keep them sparkling clean.
  2. All surfaces should be dusted and wiped. Pay attention to shelving, counters and any display cases.
  3. Part of your daily cleaning routine for retail buildings should be to clean and sanitise any and all high-touch surfaces. Think of things like door handles, railings, shopping baskets and trolleys. 
  4. All bathrooms should be cleaned as part of your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. This includes both public and staff toilets. Clean and sanitise sinks, toilets, mirrors and floors.
  5. Any spills should be treated as a priority. These can quickly become dangerous slip hazards and may even damage your floor long-term if not dealt with swiftly. 
  6. Straighten and restock any prominent displays that you have in the shop. This makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of the shop. 
  7. Check that bins aren’t overflowing and take out any bin bags that need changing. 
  8. Perform a quick daily check to ensure that any hazards have been dealt with and the retail building is clean and looking its best. 
  9. Office desks should be organised and kept tidy to ensure that they are the most productive places. 
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Weekly cleaning tips for retail buildings

  1. Weekly cleaning tasks for retail - clean glassClean and sanitise any equipment or machinery that is used often. Think of things like self-scanners, tills and vending machines. 
  2. Make sure that any upholstery is hoovered to keep it looking good.
  3. Deep clean any bins to make sure that there is no lingering smell from spilt rubbish. 
  4. Any microfibre cloths, tea towels or sponges should either be replaced or put in the washing machine. Although this appears here in our daily, weekly and monthly cleaning guide, you may need to do this more frequently!
  5. Part of your weekly shop cleaning routine should be cleaning windows and mirrors to keep the shop looking clean and inviting. 
  6. Any desk areas should be deep cleaned on a regular basis. This will not only work to keep staff morale high but also help prevent sickness among employees. 
  7. Any staff areas that are used for either food storage or food preparation should be cleaned frequently. This includes looking at fridges, microwaves and toasters. 
  8. Do a more thorough cleaning check to ensure that the retail premises have been cleaned to a high degree of cleanliness. 
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Monthly cleaning tips for retail buildings

  1. monthly cleaning tasks for retail - restock itemsGet your next month’s cleaning routine set up. This includes outlining priorities for your daily, weekly and monthly retail building cleaning. 
  2. Make sure to do a thorough restock of cleaning products and tools to ensure that nothing runs out when you need it most. 
  3. If you’re handling the full cleaning schedule rather than using a trained commercial cleaning company, training for your staff should be prioritised. So setting up cleaning training on a monthly basis can make sure that your staff know proper cleaning techniques and guidelines. 
  4. If you have any carpeted areas, performing a deep cleaning of these areas will help prolong the life of the carpets. Make sure that this is done when the shop is closed so it can dry fully. 
  5. Hoover and clean vents within the building every 4-6 weeks.
  6. Wipe down and dust any hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans, tops of cabinets and behind desks. 
  7. Surfaces made of hardwood or wooden furniture should be polished.
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The easiest way to keep your retail premises clean

Keeping your shop clean and looking its best can be a challenging task. Especially when your employees are already trying to do their usual tasks. 

Using a trained commercial cleaner that is experienced in cleaning retail buildings not only saves your staff time, but it also means you usually get a better quality clean. 

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