New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

The New Year for many of us often means a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions typically include kicking unhealthy habits such as smoking or lots of sugar in your diet. Well maybe it’s time to start thinking of some cleaning resolutions. Start the year in your office off on a clean foot (so to speak)! Check out some of these tips below to help your office get in shape this year. Achieve a happy and productive work place.


We are busy enough in the office as it is. This is why it’s so important that we assign time to clean the office otherwise it can often get forgotten. Schedule a designated time each week to get your office cleaning done. And if this takes up too much of the day then maybe consider splitting it and assigning an hour or so each day.

Encourage and Inspire

A clean and tidy office is a happy, healthy office. So, don’t forget to encourage your staff to keep their desk areas clean this year for a happier, more productive work place. Maybe fill the office with nice things such as plants, wall art and cushions just to give your staff that extra motivation to keep things looking nice and tidy.

Get Organised

If you find your office often gets cluttered with too much ‘stuff’ left lying around but you have no space for storage, consider organising everything into storage containers and cabinets. This way it will be easier to keep on top of your cleaning if everything has its own place and your staff are aware of this.

If you’re looking to hire a professional cleaning service to kick off the New Year, speak to the team today about our office cleaning services. Get in touch on 01792 323238 or Your journey to a healthy, happy and productive office starts here.