Why is it important to clean your retail store daily

Having a clean retail and shopping centre is actually an important factor to play when increasing the stores reputation and sales. According to a survey conducted by ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, 95% of shoppers reported that unclean changing rooms and unpleasant smells would influence shopper’s decisions. So stop this happening in the Swansea and South West Wales area by following the tips given in this article.

Top 5 areas to watch out for in your retail store;

  1. Changing rooms
  2. Display stands
  3. Windows/ exterior
  4. Floors
  5. Counters

Shoppers want to feel comfortable when walking into your retail department store and if any of these five areas are unclean this is likely to discourage your customer of spending money. The windows and exterior are particularly important to maintain to a high standard, as every customer will make a first impression about your store and the exterior is the first contact they will have.

Changing rooms are another key area to watch out for as it can lead to a poor customer experience. Dirty mirrors, curtains and floors can be a real put off for a customer.

Top tips on how to clean your mirrors and windows in store;

  • If your retail store is located on a busy high street, then try and avoid cleaning your exterior windows in direct sunlight. If the window is too warm while wet, it will begin to dry the liquid before you have the chance to wipe it off causing smears and streaks.
  • To limit the appearance of streaks and smears on your windows and mirrors, grab some dry sheets of newspaper to polish and dry the surface.
  • After washing then drying your windows and mirrors with newspaper, rub an old blackboard rubber over them to create a diamond bright shine finish. This will help to maintain high quality appearance.

No time to clean?

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