Hygiene in a Workplace

Hygiene should be of the up-most importance within a workplace, and failure to control your cleanliness and hygiene levels could result in increase of absenteeism and as a result decrease in productivity.

Many companies outsource their cleaning needs to commercial cleaning companies such as ourselves. This allows the client to have one less thing to worry about and not have to manage teams of cleaners to cover long term sickness or absenteeism.
Here are some useful tips so you ensure your commercial cleaning company have your companies hygiene at the forefront of their thoughts.

Colour Coded Equipment
We at ServiceMaster ensure that all our products that we place on clients premises are colour coded and that every member of staff has full training before they commence work regarding which colour equipment to use in what areas of your premises.

For example we strictly only use red colour coded equipment and products in any toilet areas, and yellow in the general office areas. This eliminates cross-contamination and ensures that your cleaners are not using the same mop and bucket in your toilet areas as they do in your kitchen areas.

Provide a Task Schedule
Before appointing a commercial cleaning contractor you should ensure that their staff are fully trained towards a specific task schedule that has been created especially for your premises. This ensures that all areas within your premises are going to be cleaned and at what frequency they will be cleaned. This will also ensure that no areas will missed and that suitable hygiene levels are up kept throughout the length of the contract.

Sanitize Telephones
We ensure that apart of the cleaning task schedule is that telephones are sanitized monthly. Office telephones have been found to harbour more germs than an average toilet seat. According to the BBC an office telephone harbors up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, and an average toilet seat only 49 microbes per square inch.

These are just a few tips to ensure that your staff or commercial cleaning company are taking hygiene in your workplace seriously. If you would like an informal chat on how your company could benefit from using a commercial cleaning company or what we could offer over your current one then feel free to give us a call on 01792 32 32 38, we look forward to hearing from you.

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