How to Keep Your Dog-Friendly Office Clean

A dog-friendly office is something some of us can only dream of, but for some workplaces, this is a reality! However, having these reckless fur balls running around the place comes with its downfalls, particularly when it comes to cleaning up after them. Having an office pet (or several) means that you will have to take extra measures to keep the office clean and tidy. Follow the tips below to enjoy the benefits of having both office pets and a healthy, happy and clean working environment.

Focus on your carpet

The carpets will be the part of the office that will suffer the most if you have an office dog. Be sure to get a top of the range hoover, specifically designed to combat pet hair, if you can. There are also plenty of carpet cleaning products out there that are pet-friendly. This will not only ensure that you aren’t left with a huge build-up of fur but will also keep the carpet smelling fresh and free from any dog slobber.

Prepare for the worst

If you have an office dog, you will of course encounter the inevitable ‘accidents’, particularly with puppies. Be sure to prepare for this. Keep cleaning products close to hand and regularly take them outside for toilet breaks to try and avoid accidents. If you have a puppy consider purchasing puppy pads to soak up any slip-ups.

Stock up on-air freshener

You’ll need it! Dogs are not always the best smelling animals, particularly if they get wet. If you’re thinking of getting an office dog take extra measures to ensure you keep your office smelling nice with air freshener sprays, candles and diffusers. Or you’ll be faced with the almost unbearable smell of wet dog!

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