Handy Guide for Dental Office Cleaning

Protect your patients and surgery – keep your dental office clean.

When your business relies on having a steady stream of patients, it’s important to make sure there’s nothing putting them off.

Taking your dental surgery cleaning serious is one of the best ways to impress new patients (and even your most faithful regulars).

Not only does it help fight germs and stop your patients from cancelling appointments because of sickness but having a sparkling clean surgery makes a great impression.

Top tips to keep your dental office clean

  1. Keep your reception area spick and span!

This is the first place a new patient will see when they walk in. To make sure they keep coming back, you need to make a great first impression.

Keeping the reception desk clean with no clutter can cut down on the effort needed to keep it dust free. A dust free surface is good for more than just good for appearance but can also cut down on aggravating the allergies of your customers.

  1. Keep flooring well maintained and tidy

Inevitably, when your patients are waiting for their turns, their gaze will fall to the floor. Regularly updating the flooring in waiting areas can keep help maintain your professional appearance.

Keeping your dental suite floors professionally cleaned with a commercial cleaning contract is crucial. As your patients will inevitably spend a lot of their time there with their mouths open – it’s important to keep this environment as clean and sterile as possible.

  1. Don’t forget about the bathroom!

Although not a room that every one of your patients will venture – it can definitely make an impact on their experience. Making sure that it’s a positive impact is important.

Make sure that the story your loo says about you is a good one! Surfaces and floors should be kept sparkling. And it should be stocked with plenty of the essentials (soap, paper towels, toilet papers and other special features like hygiene items)

  1. Disinfect surfaces that get lots of traffic

Especially with the recent pandemic, it’s highlighted how much of an importance should be placed on keeping high touch surfaces clean, sterile, and disinfected.

Some high traffic surfaces include:

– Patient Chairs (armrests and headrests)

– Sinks

– Xray equipment

– handles on doors, drawers, and cabinets

Look after your bottom line– keep your space commercially clean.

Don’t miss out on patients because of a poor cleaning schedule. Leaving it down to staff who are already busy can end up meaning that their regular duties lack.

Trust the professional cleaners to keep your dental surgery clean and sparkling.

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