A Clean Office is a Productive Office

A Clean Office is a Productive Office

A survey conducted by an American firm Adecco has directly linked office cleanliness to productivity. Not only does it reduce sickness and therefore increase productivity it also has a direct correlation in relation to how you are viewed by others.

According to Adecco 57% of employees judge their colleagues on how clean their office space/desks are kept. Meanwhile nearly 50% of colleagues are appalled by how dirty other colleague’s office space and put it down to pure laziness.

Colleagues associate an untidy office with organisational skills and assume projects will get lost on their messy desks and therefore don’t trust them to complete a project within the allotted time scales.

The report found that when a workspace is clean and organised it increased productivity as you have the mindset and motivation to work.

With an increase of ‘open working environments’ the need and responsibility to ensure your office space is kept clean and tidy is higher than ever before.

A professional clean just a couple of times a week to clean those areas that no one is ‘responsible for’. You can also look at our article on ‘Commercial Cleaning Tips’ for some useful advice in how you can keep your office space neat and tidy.


Forbes Magazine 2012

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