Commercial Cleaning Tips

Hiring a professional cleaning company, such as us, is by far the most efficient way to ensure that your commercial property is maintained to the highest standard, however if you are a do it yourself boss, or feel you want to make your staff share the workload then below are some commercial cleaning tips you may find useful!

Carpets – One of the main reasons of keeping your office space clean is for your potential clients and visitors. So walk where they would walk! Walk the same route as your potential client, look around and take note at what could be cleaner.

Desks – Stop cluttering your desk. One of the main items in your office will be the office desk space. If you limit the amount of objects cluttering your desk, it will look a lot cleaner, even if you have just placed everything into drawers. “Clear Desk Policy”.

office cleaning image depicting a clean desk

Keyboards – We can test the cleanliness of your office, whilst you’re reading this paragraph. Lift your keyboard upside down and shake it around for five seconds. See all those crumbs that have just fallen out? They need to be cleaned up. Clean and sanitize your keyboard at least once a week, or limit the amount of food eaten at your desk, to keep on top of it. 

Fridges – The last working day of every month, this should not only be known as pay day, but also the fridge clear out day! Yep, that’s right, whatever food is left in the fridge come that evening, throw it in the bin. Trust me you don’t want spilt gone off milk lining the bottom of your fridge, if you haven’t got a professional cleaning company to mop it up.

Microwave – The office microwave, whose job is it to clean that? No body wants that job, so to be fair, whoever uses it and makes a mess, should clean up after themselves straight away. If you do get someone not cleaning up after themselves which is almost inevitable, then place a mug of cold water in the microwave and bring to boil. This will loosen all stubborn marks and food, so whoever the willing person is to clean the microwave, will have an easier task.

Staff enjoying a clean kithcne or office canteen

Plants – The office plants. There’s no point owning a pretty office plant if no one is willing to keep on top of the falling leaves. Be sure to pick up any leaves off your floor, water and dust the leaves to keep it looking pretty. Or just buy an artificial plant, and just dust it!

Corners – Out of sight out of mind? This is the philosophy of many office workers, especially if their task that evening is to clean their personal home. Make sure that all furniture is moved away from the walls every so often, and make sure that behind the furniture is properly vacuumed. All sorts of object tend to hide here!

Dishes – All dishes and cups left in the break room should be washed up straight away, or face being binned. That’s right, binned. You need to be ruthless is the upkeep of your building! They will soon start washing the new ones.

Phones – Make sure you sanitize your office phone regularly; the last thing you want is your entire work force off sick with the same illness. Saliva and germs will accumulate on the phone. As part of our task schedule introduced by ServiceMaster all telephones are expected to be sanitized at least once a month.

Clean and hygienic office telephone equipment

Bins – Take out your bins and recycle your waste regularly. The last thing you want is for a visitor to come into your offices and have to try and balance their apple core on the top of your rubbish in your full bins.

Share – Make sure you distribute your cleaning tasks equally. The last thing you want is to keep advertising for the same role, as they constantly upset in having to clean the toilets. A rota would work well, where everyone has different roles every week.

Call Us – If all this fails, the best solution to any cleaning problem is to give us a call at ServiceMaster Clean, Swansea & South West Wales. We currently clean over 100 commercial properties in the area, so we must be doing something right .

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