Christmas Gift


Christmas Gift

Every Christmas we hand deliver a box of chocolates to each of our 250 staff members at their place of work! This small token of our appreciation is to simply wish them a Merry Christmas and to appreciate their hard work throughout the year!

This year due to the pandemic and our ever growing team we thought we would do things a little differently! We sent every member of staff a ServiceMaster branded chocolate bar in the post. The twist being that a selected number of these chocolates had a winning ticket inside. The winning tickets had a combined value of over £450.00! The lucky member of staff just had to call the office quoting the code on the ticket!

Congratulations to Carly, Linda, Katie, Bev, Sharon and Rhian who have so far claimed their prizes! There are still a few of unclaimed tickets and if not claimed before January the money will be donated to charity!

One of our winners decided to spend her winnings on extra physio for her grandson! Another decided to finish off her Christmas shopping and another of our winners waited for her son to arrive home before opening the chocolate (as he is a Charlie in the Chocolate Fan) and was delighted to find a winning ticket, It made his day!

The top winner was Carly Morris who works in a Sports Centre and a Doctor Surgery in Neath for ourselves and she was kind enough to send the below photo!Congratulations to all winners and we look forward to doing the same again next year!