A Clean Office is a Happy, Productive Office

A clean, tidy office not only looks nice, it also contributes to a productive and happy workplace. Over the years it’s been proven that there is a positive correlation between productivity and a clean working space. Here are some of the reasons why…

Less Stress

The workplace can be a stressful place and that’s without the added strain of untidiness and disorganisation. An unclean office space can add to the typical daily stress of your employees and can also make them very distracted. Keeping on top of our office cleaning is key to ensure a happy, productive office.

Feeling Appreciated

A clean office can have a huge impact on making your employees feel valued and appreciated. Whether this is something you decide to do yourself or hire a cleaning company, it shows that you care for your employees and their well being. If your employees feel valued and appreciated, they will ultimately become more of a happy, productive office.

Less Sick Days

The office is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which is why it is important to keep our offices clean. For more on ridding bacteria and germs take a look at our previous blog. Whether it’s your phone, keyboard or desk all offices are riddled with germs every day unless we keep on top of things. We must ensure staff are healthy and at less risk of catching a virus or cold. Less sick days means happy motivated staff, and more productivity.

First Impressions Count

First impressions mean a lot. If your office is a public space, you don’t want your employees feeling embarrassed when a potential client enters a dirty, cluttered environment. Having a clean office will give your employees something to be proud of when greeting a new client.

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