Office Cleaning Tips To Get A Bacteria Free Workplace

Most of us spend more time in our workplace than we do in our own homes. Which is why it is so important that we keep on top of our office cleaning to safeguard the workplace from lingering germs and bacteria. Follow these 4 office cleaning tips to ensure you’re office is free from bacteria and those troublesome germs.

1. Clean regularly –

It is so important to clean regularly and thoroughly to stop bacteria from spreading around the office. Ensure your office cleaning tasks takes place weekly at the very least to minimise the spread of germs. However, keeping an office clean on top of your typical daily tasks can be stressful for staff. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help to firstly keep your office clean and bacteria free but also staff will be less stressed and can focus on the task at hand.

 2. Kitchen and bathroom –

Pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas of the office. These areas are more likely to collate a lot of bacteria. Be sure to wash hand towels regularly and really pay attention to places where food is likely to gather, for example the microwave and fridge.

3. Keep your hands clean –

Always be sure to keep hand sanitizer at your desk. Our hands are often full of bacteria which can be spread by touching things. Because of this, we must remember not to neglect our office equipment which may not appear to be dirty, such as our phone, keyboard and mouse. We use these items a lot within the office so be sure to keep these clean, even if this means wiping them over with an anti-bacterial wipe daily until your weekly clean.

4. Sick? Stay at home! –

Bacteria is vastly spread by illnesses. Coming in to work when you are sick will cause germs and bacteria to spread, linger and potentially make other colleagues poorly too. Take this time to rest up in the comfort of your own home.

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