Your Guide to a Clean Office Move

Are you and your team moving offices soon? Are you stressed about the cleaning aspect of the move? Not sure where to start?

There are many important things to consider whether you own your office space or it’s rented. By hiring a professional cleaning company or simply following these steps below you can ensure that the property is left in pristine condition, ready for the next occupant. If your space is rented, following these steps will also help to ensure you avoid any nasty cleaning charges.

The Big Clear Out

The easiest way to start the cleaning process is to get everything out first so that you can then focus on cleaning without having desks and other office equipment in the way and potentially concealing dirt and dust. Just have a completely blank canvas to work with.

Start with the Obvious

It’s always best to start your cleaning with the obvious basics. Hoover the entire space, dust the window ledges, clean the kitchen and bathroom areas. Just by doing these immediately visible tasks you will see a huge difference.

Then Focus on the Niggly Bits

Once you have gotten through all of the obvious cleaning tasks it should be time to start thinking about the smaller things that could be missed. For example, dusting the skirting boards, cleaning the windows and having a tidy up in outdoor areas, if needed. It’s also important to check you have cleared belongings from every possible area especially the fridge and bin stores. And don’t forget, if you start to lose motivation play an energetic playlist to keep you going.

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