Workplace Cleaning | Returning To The Workplace After Lockdown

At long last, we finally seem to be getting things back to normal and workers are starting to return to the workplace.

The last thing our local businesses want is to go back into yet another lockdown so as business owners, we need a plan to reduce the risk of spreading germs within our workplaces through workplace cleaning.

This article will explain all of the extra measures you can take to ensure our workplaces remain clean, and germ free and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Hand Wash Sineage & Stations

First things first is we need to limit the spread through touch. It may sound a bit obvious for adults to be doing anyway but make sure you have signs around the office to remind workers to do their bit. Always make sure anti-bacterial soap is always stocked up and readily available.

Also another great tip would be to include hand-sanitiser stations throughout the workplace.

High Traffic Areas

Whether you do your workplace cleaning yourself or have hired a professional cleaning service be sure to ask them to focus on using anti-bacterial on high traffic areas such as door handles and light switches.

Face masks

Of course, it’s not usually expected for workers to wear a face mask all day in working hours however, do encourage them to wear a face mask when they are in communal areas such as bathrooms and kitchen areas.

If you want to hear more about our services and how we can help keep your workplace clean and safe please get in touch today.