Why use a Commercial Cleaning Company?

lady demonstrating how commercial Office cleaning improves productivityImproves Productivity – You most likely employed your staff to carry out their relevant roles, not to vacuum the office and dust the skirting boards. Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company allows your staff to get on with their jobs they were employed for, resulting in increased productivity.



Commercial Office cleaning boosts staff moraleEmployee Morale – if your employees walk into a clean working environment every morning we can guarantee that their morale will be high, and they will enjoy working within that environment a lot more than if they had overflowing bins and dirty desks.



clean office premises are better when trying to impress clientsImpress Clients – This was touched upon, under the Cleaning Tips article that we published. Your clients are fundamentally the reason why you are an operating business. A clean working environment will give them a great first impression. A commercial cleaning company has the advantage of providing you extra staff, to get your offices up to pristine condition the night before a big client meeting.

keeping a clean business premises can reduce staff sicknessAbsenteeism – Sanitizing work stations, such as phones and keyboards, can reduce the amount of sickness and absenteeism you have within your business, which as a result will increase productivity. ServiceMaster Clean also provide colour coded mops, buckets and cloths, therefore the same equipment used in your toilets won’t be used in your kitchen, to stop cross contamination.


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