Top tips for moving out of your student accommodation

Most of you students will be vacating your student accommodation for the summer around about now. For some of you, it will be for good and for others just another summer at home before returning to your new student accommodation.

But it’s always good to leave your student accommodation in the best condition you can, not only is it respectful to your landlord and the new tenants but it can also become pretty pricey if you don’t. We’ve put together some tips to ensure your student accommodation is left in great condition, so you won’t find yourself with a hefty bill for cleaning charges.

Group together

If you want your deposits returned to you then you need to make sure everyone mucks in! Get everyone to tackle their own rooms first and when that is done get started on the communal areas as a team. Keep an eye out for any stains and try to remove them as best you can. Other than that, generally vacuum, dust and clean surfaces. Of course, if everyone would prefer you can hire a private cleaning company to do this for you.

Empty everything

This one is really important, mostly because it is just gross if you don’t. Take extra care to ensure that you empty all of your food cupboards, fridges and bins and clean them thoroughly afterwards. No one wants to walk into a house after weeks of rotting food and foul-smelling rubbish festering.

Finishing Touches

This one isn’t essential but if you’re really trying to get into your landlord’s good books to ensure a full deposit is returned to you,  get some air fresheners, light some candles in your final days, just make sure the house generally smells nice as well as looks nice.

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