Tell ServiceMaster 2022

Tell ServiceMaster 2022

Annually we like to share our results of our customer satisfaction survey ‘TellServiceMaster’ and 2022 is no different. We send a customer satisfaction survey to all of our clients every year asking one simple question; ‘How likely are you to recommend ServiceMaster Clean South Wales?’

All clients are asked to respond by rating between a 1 and a 10. A score of 1 is deemed very unlikely and a score of 10 is deemed likely. If a client scores between 1 and 6 they are ranked as a ‘detractor’, if a client scores a 7 or an 8, they are deemed to be ‘passive’ and if a client scores between a 9 and a 10 they are deemed to be a ‘promoter’.

The overall NPS score is then generated by subtracting the detractors from the promoters. Therefore if all clients score 1-6, the overall score would be ‘-100’ and if all clients scored a 9 or a 10, the score would be +100. According to previous studies, the median score within the cleaning industry is that of +16%.

All of our clients throughout October were sent our customer satisfaction survey on the likelihood of recommending ServiceMaster Clean, South Wales and we are pleased to announce that our 2022 NPS score is a very impressive +78%!

 We are very pleased with this score as it has been a hard year with a nationwide recruitment shortage and therefore has led to a higher turnover of staff than we would have wanted. The score is therefore testament to the hard work of our cover staff and contracts managers and supervisors to ensure that disruption has been to a minimum and that there are adequate cleaning operatives trained up on each site to provide a thorough clean. This year has also seen unprecedented growth and therefore to achieve a score like this whilst growing rapidly is testament to all our operations team!

Thank you to all of our clients who took time to respond to the surgery and for your continued support throughout 2022, we are looking forward to building on this score In 2023! We have provided below some of the optional comments which were left alongside the score!

“Professional service with high standards maintained”


“Always accommodating, friendly staff cleaning exceptional!”


“Steve the cleaner is always punctual, attentive and conscientious.”


“Good quality and no fuss. Very friendly staff and excellent service.”


“Service is Excellent”


“Very good service”


“Prompt response if we have any issues”


“Consistent cleaners and good communication. Any time theres been a reason why a clean might not happen on the day or even the usual time – we have had a phone call to let us know. We only ever have a different cleaner to our usual, in times of sickness or holidays which means we have a consistent service meeting our needs.”