Tell ServiceMaster 2016 – NPS Score

The second ‘Tell ServiceMaster’ customer feedback questionnaire was sent to over 100 of ServiceMaster Swansea, commercial clients throughout Novemeber. The purpose of this feedback questionnaire is to establish customer satisfaction and weather or not the customer is classed as a promoter, passive or a detractor. This feedback questionnaire as a result generates an overall “NPS Score” which determines how loyal a companies customer base are.

Last year ServiceMaster received a very high NPS score with an overall score of 83%. According to the median score is just 16%. This score was generated from 27% of our customers responding.

The questionnaire asks one very simple question: “How likely are you to recommend ServiceMaster to a friend or colleague?” The customer is prompted to select a score between 0 and 10. If the customer selects a score of 6 or less then they are classed as a Detractor, 7 and 8 classes the customer as Passive and a score of 9 or 10 classes the customer as a Promoter.

Detractors – 6 or below
Detractors are customers who rated the companies’ products or services at 6 or below. These customers are dissatisfied with the products/services and therefore may be somewhat damaging to the companies brand.
Passives – 7 and 8
Passives are customers who rated the brand between 7-8 and somewhat satisfied however wouldn’t potentially recommend your company to friends and colleagues and are at risk from competitors offers.
Promoters – 9 and 10
Promoters are customers who rated the company either a 9 or a 10 and are completely satisfied with the products and services that you offer. They are also most likely to recommend your products and services and are beneficial to your brand.

The overall NPS score is determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage of customers who are promoters. The score that is calculated is between -100 and 100. If every client rated your products or services at 6 or below then the NPS score would be -100. However, if all of your customers gave you a score of 9 or 10 you would achieve a NPS score of 100.

2016 Score

Our NPS score for 2016 is a fantastic 87% which is an improvement on the already great score of 83% in 2015. 26% of customers kindly completed the survey. We are absolutely thrilled with our score and especially as it is an improvement on an already great score posted in 2015. The score pleases us very much as we have seen significant growth throughout 2016, therefore to maintain such great customer satisfaction throughout a period of increased growth demonstrates how highly we place customer satisfaction within our team.

Thank you to all of our clients who kindly took the time to complete our online survey and all comments and scores are passed back to cleaning supervisors and cleaning operatives. We will endeavor to take all comments on board and to increase this already great score for a third consecutive year throughout 2017. Below are a couple of comments received from the customer feedback survey.

“Easy to deal with nice staff.”

“Friendly & flexible service. Our current cleaner is AMAZING! So hard working and conscientious.”

 “Professional, reliable”

Efficient service, Easily contactable, Friendly”

 “Very friendly and efficient service”

 “The work is very good and Carol our cleaner is always cheerful.”

 “Friendly, professional and local service”

 “The staff are trained to a high standard which is reflected in their work, supervisors are quick to act if anything is brought to their attention”

 “Meets all requirements”

 “I deal, in the main, with Lianne. She always updates me and keeps in contact. if there are any changes to be made I will always be made aware of them. Even if she can’t accommodate exactly what we want she will try her best to accommodate as near as she can.”

 “Continuity of staff which means that they know what the job is, rather than having to regularly explain to new staff what is required.”

 “Prompt response to any issue and professional attitude by all members of staff”

 “The personal touches your company offer; nothing is too much trouble”

 “Good service, Good personnel”

 “Friendly staff and very good service”

 “Personal touch, Any problems are rectified on the same day, staff are lovely and professional, lovely team”