Summer Summit Award Success

On Thursday 14th June 2018 ServiceMaster Limited hosted their annual Summer Summit in the Hilton Hotel, Leicester. The summit hosted businesses from three of our five brands – ServiceMaster Contract Services (ourselves), Merry Maids (Domestic Cleaning) and Rosemary Bookkeeping Services.

The Summit consisted of four, 45 minute workshops, networking opportunities, brand focused meetings and the day finished with an award ceremony. A number of external suppliers who provide support to the ServiceMaster network were invited to lead the workshops and the services ranged from HR support to networking and marketing.

The day ended with the annual awards ceremony, after unfortunately not being able to attend the previous year we had a couple of awards to collect from 2016, one growth award and also one customer satisfaction award.

This year awards were no different, as we were proudly awarded the North Star Growth Award 2017 and also the North Star Customer Satisfaction Award 2017. “The growth award is always a nice award to collect however when you are awarded that award alongside a customer satisfaction award you know that you must be doing something right within your business” mentioned Jayne, Managing Director for ServiceMaster Swansea.

The customer satisfaction award was based upon ServiceMaster Swansea receiving an NPS score of 75% which is remarkable score for the industry we are in. We have been awarded a large number of contracts over the last couple of years so therefore to show that we are also providing our existing as well as new customers great customer satisfaction is something to be proud of. We receive a lot of recommendations from current/previous customers which aids our growth and we have two full time contracts managers to help ensure that the service we provide is of the highest quality.