Summer essentials for maintaining a clean, happy office!

Here are our top tips for maintaining a healthy, clean office during the Summer months…


Keyboards and Equipment:

As we all know the weather is getting warmer and offices all across South Wales are feeling much hotter, unfortunately causing us all to sweat. Gross, I know! Our clammy hands, working hard, are touching keyboards, mice and other equipment daily encouraging germs and bacteria to spread. This then leads to the equipment we use to be unhygienic. A straightforward way to stop these germs spreading in the warm weather is to simply wipe down your own equipment daily. This will keep your own working environment clean and fresh, stopping any unpleasant odours spreading around the office.


As we all know, people are leading very busy work schedules meaning time taken away from our desks is very limited throughout the day. This then causes us all to eat breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day at our desks. Especially with messy eaters, crumbs will drop on the floor around our desks and working areas. This then needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible to stop food perishing in the warmer climate. This can simply be done by vacuuming around our desk as often as possible. This will then stop any bacteria growing from the crumbs helping to create a healthy working environment.


Throughout many offices, bins are only emptied once a week or even once every few days. However, this isn’t ideal when the office environment is warmer especially if food waste is kept in office bins. This can cause overpowering odours making the office environment very unpleasant. Try to avoid any unpleasant surprises when returning to the office the next day.

Microwaves and Kitchen Equipment:

Staff room kitchens are the prime source of bacteria growth in the summer months. Microwaves are a key mishap when cleaning kitchen areas. Food sometimes spills out into the microwave and not always cleaned up. This is a key area for germs to grow and spread into another coworker’s food. To avoid this getting worse in the summer, extra care needs to be taken in wiping and disinfecting kitchen equipment regularly so that the office working environment is to the highest standards.


Don’t have the time to do all this yourself? Well, here at Service Master Clean Swansea we have a talented team happy to help across South Wales to maintain your office to the cleanest standards! No stress, no fuss we will get your office healthy and fresh in no time. Just call us today on 01792 32 32 38 or email us on Happy Summer everyone!

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