Step into Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to get your office in order with a good spring clean.

Having a clean office is beneficial to you and your staff in a number of ways. For example, cleanliness promotes a happy, productive workspace with less risk of illness caused by the spread of germs and bacteria. Particularly during this time of the year as we are still dealing with those lingering winter colds.

Well not to worry, we have put together a few handy tips to make sure you’re all set for your office spring clean!

Start Off Big

It’s the first big clean to kick off the season. You will need to go in hard! Make sure you clean every surface, item, nook and cranny in that office, from desk equipment to kitchen goods such as your fridge and kettle. Then you’ll have to make sure you thoroughly dust and hoover the entire workspace, make sure all surfaces are wiped down especially the ones that could harbour the most bacteria. De-clutter everything. Shred and recycle papers that are no longer needed and bin any broken bits of stationery.

Get Everyone Involved

Asking your employees to take 10 minutes out of their day every so often to clean their desk area can make a huge difference. It also brings people together and can have a calming effect on employees in a typically stressful environment.

Regular Cleaning

After the initial big clean it’s pretty simple from thereon in. It’s really important to keep on top of your cleaning. Schedule a moderate clean every week or two and then just freshening up throughout the week, as and when you can to ensure that your office is clean at all times with half the hassle of a deep clean.

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