Staff Management

Are you unsure that your commercial cleaning company are delivering the right amount of service that you are being invoiced for? Are you unsure if cleaning operatives left alone in your premises are safe? At ServiceMaster, Swansea we have invested heavily into the ‘EziTracker’ staff management system to ensure that you do not have those worries again.

 EziTracker is a market leading workforce management and monitoring service.  The service uses proven data capture technology to record time and attendance via the telephone network, using any phone on any network at no charge to our clients.

 By using the EziTracker system, the Site Supervisor would be informed immediately of any non-attendance of staff,  This information enables management to respond immediately to any potential breakdown in service in order that action can be taken promptly to maintain service delivery, in this way, EziTracker can reinforce the confidence and trust between us and our clients.


 We have a duty of care to safeguard our employees by introducing systems that mitigate the risk.  EziTracker meets this requirement, providing an essential aid to effective risk management of remote and lone working staff.  Instant alerts are generated if one of our lone workers fails to log out, enabling immediate response.  An additional facility allows a one touch distress alert to be raised at any time by using a mobile of fixed line telephone.

 If you would like a chat as to how our staff management system can benefit your business, or if you would like to find out some more advantages of using the EziTracker system in the commercial cleaning sector then we would love to hear from you. Tel: 01792 32 32 38.

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