How to select a Cleaning Company in Swansea and the surrounding areas

Maintaining a clean and tidy office environment is essential to the success of your business. Most companies choose to hire a professional cleaning company such as ourselves rather than hiring a cleaning operative or a janitor directly.

Professional cleaning companies should tailor a commercial cleaning package which suits your business needs, it should include whether that clean takes place within or outside office hours, how long the cleaning operative should spend cleaning your offices and what tasks they should undertake daily within your commercial building. You will most likely find numerous cleaning companies within your local area and you should choose the one which is right for you. Below are five steps which may help you when selecting a commercial cleaning company.

Step 1
Inviting cleaning companies to come and survey your building is the first step in obtaining a commercial cleaning quotation. The cleaning company would estimate the amount of hours per week/night you would require based on the buildings size and scope. This visit should form the basis of a task schedule which they should provide you when they present you with their price for the cleaning contract. The price would normally just include the daily office cleaning quotation, however if you have asked for window or carpet cleaning to be carried out then you should ensure that it forms part of the cost.

Step 2
As I mentioned in a previous article there are very little barriers to entry in starting up a cleaning company therefore you should ensure that the company you choose can provide you with all relevant documents such as Insurance Certificates, COSSHH sheets and risk assessments.

Step 3
Contract Length – Many cleaning companies will want you to sign a lengthy contract which normally ranges from 6 months too a year. Before signing a contract you should ensure that if service levels drop below a certain standard that you can terminate that contract without any financial implications. Another option would to choose a cleaning company such as ourselves who don’t tie companies into lengthy contracts and run on a month to month basis. This means that if you are unhappy with service levels then you are free to change contractors at any time.

Step 4
Experience – Experience of cleaning companies will vary dramatically, whereas every cleaning company needs to start somewhere you may need reassurances on their previous employment history or if they were apart of a franchise which provided in-depth training and support. We are very proud to be apart of a franchise which has over 55 years worth of cleaning experience worldwide and at Swansea and South West Wales we have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Local Company, Global Backing.

Step 5
Obtaining references and testimonials from cleaning companies is the last step and most likely the most important. Ensure you ring/email the cleaning companies testimonials to ensure they are completely satisfied with the service they are receiving, especially if the company is similar to yours. Why not view some of our current customer testimonials here.

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